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People will be doing it right there on their phone rather than calling Vegas doing whatever they have to do otherwise. And right now it is Kansas City and three Canto. Is it all right? I heard that somewhere. You're right. Sticks. So you have to pick Paul W you don't you know I'm gonna I'm going with Tom Brady. I don't think being a fellow Michigan grand. I'm not allowed to go against Tom Brady in there. It's in the rules. It's not a bad baddies won't know. Yeah. I, You know, it's what he's doing. MM lettering what he's doing. He's a veteran than that matters in something like this sick stuff. 14 wjr. This report is sponsored by Michelin endurance XT silicone wiper blades. Sometimes driving is great, but sometimes it's not so great like when it's pouring outside. That's when you need the new Michelin endurance XT silicone wiper blades designed to repel water, snow and ice get yours today on Lee at Wal Mart. Coming up. Anthony Tony Socko operating partner at Moots Pizzeria. He's going to be featured coming out of these reports. He is one of our Great opportunity to try interviews for this weekend show opportunity to trade will run it one o'clock. This Sunday on W. J. R. So bear that in mind and Jim Farley at about 6 35 coming out of Marie's news, afford president and CEO, So we'll get it to all of that. As we get out or wjr traffic and weather first Miss Dana Clark, and then when I kiss you, goodbye is getting and it's kissing Dana, and it's always kissing Kim. It's also kissing our wonderful calls pals Goodbye as well as they will be able to come back on and see us with Greg Russell. At what time 8 18 right, Annie 18, So we'll be back on camera back and any team, but Along the way, and our reb loyal listeners who only your response 7 60. We're right here right there and will continue to be now as you were saying, wjr Traffic.

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