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The midwest. I'm like fifty seven years old now, I remember my neighbors one year. We're like, you don't know about long Johns are and I was like you mean Donut. And I was like never heard of long underwear before. That's how I survived winter. There's also long underwear shirts. But I don't wear those often because I just wear shirts setting to me. I just like what what are you doing? That's a pant. What's the point of underwear of? It's just the same size as everything else to keep. You underwear isn't supposed to keep you warm post to be the first line of defense against any leakage or seepage happens throughout the day. Onesies are also a popular winter fashion choice, and yes, this might be my male privilege talking, but I would prefer not to take my titties out when I have to pay and I'm not in favor of a butterfly say gotta fly I've never once used to fly in my life. I don't know any man who has it's really not that difficult to just like pull your underwear down unless you're dick is like three feet long. Anyway, I am anti ones. The all. I did. Just order a onesie like pajama onesie for myself from a place that does not advertise on this podcast. But advertises on other podcasts, I won't say their names because they don't deserve it. Counties. And also, I'm anti flaps because I don't need a shit hole. Okay. I absolutely do. Do you use a flap? I've only used it once I'm always afraid I'm going to like end up being myself. Yeah. I just feel like also you like touches the toilets moving on earmuffs. First of all growths muff. Second of all there's literally no way to protect your ears from falling off in the winter without looking like a damn fool because either you lean all the way into Princess a or you accept that your ears are only for show anyway, and technically they could fall off. And you you still have a whole there to hear from. And literally fuck off if you think I'm gonna wear a hat because every time I put one of those hats on look like angry, penis what else gloves? How am I supposed to scratch my itches? If my nails are sheathed in cloth and mittens. Nah. I don't wanna look like a lukewarm lobster and finally the only acceptable winter fashion. This is what we've all been leading up to is the poncho the poncho or shawl is the perfect item. It's a Cape. It's a blanket with a hole in it upon show us, really all you need in. That's the lesson. So this winter don't let the cold force you into wearing something ridiculous. Go out there naked if you have to and if you die then so be it at least you looked like not an idiot. And that is it for this week's deep dive don't go anywhere, though. Because we've got LIZA traeger coming up right now. Also, you can't go anywhere because you're probably. Listening to this in the car with headphones. You could literally go anywhere as long as download the episode flu. Like you. Do you?.

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