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Work. If you're out there. Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tens John Morrissey is up in the jet copter. How's it looking oil? I've got kind of a good news bad news story for eastbound, I seventy they called on a crash eastbound, I seventy puree which would be bad news. If it was on the highway. The good news is not on the highway. The bad news is it's on the good news is it's only blocking one lane of southbound Peoria at just after I seventy the bad news is that's right where the ramp from eastbound, I seventy two southbound Peoria comes in so the ramp from eastbound, I seventy two southbound bureau is closed right now, you can still go southbound on, but you got to go the light. Then turn right? That's back in that ramp up onto the highway looks like. We have another ramp issue. Eastbound I seventy at shapers haven't been able to check it out yet, the gateway jet copter, but it looks like we got the pleasure lights they're causing too. So a couple of ramp issues on your drive eastbound, I seventy both on the east side of town Peoria at what James the rest of your drive this morning decided Joe ability can help you out with that drive into the checks because the cherry creek dam road is closed. That's maintenance, not a crash not a big problem or anything is just maintenance and sell for this week. It's gonna put extra traffic all that. Southbound two five drive already heavy into the tech center. The rest of your drive is good. Although a lot of traffic outside all the usual slowing like that to seventy drive in commerce city westbound already heavy approaching best guess eastbound from twenty-five down to your like that westbound, I seventy six drive. That's also pretty heavy as you make re down to twenty five. So the usual chokepoints already messing, whether it's cheap or seventy eastbound is getting heavy across islands ranch at a couple of issues out of the east side. Biggest one is that ramp is closed from eastbound, I seventy two southbound. Peoria. This report is sponsored by Colorado is center raid. Upgrade your passion. Profile for a limited time designer phrase from coach product Ray and more are fifty percent off the Colorado is center for details. Visit Colorado is center dot com. Forward slash fifty off next update at six forty KOA. Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. CBS four Colorado weather center. Look for increasing clouds today at twenty percent chance relate date, thunder shower, high eighty nine rain is likely tonight low of fifty nine tomorrow clearing the high of eighty one right now sixty five degrees downtown it's.

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