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And Instagram's yo you beat Michael Thompson and Instagram in Facebook in Twitter comments, and somehow came back and beat Michael Thompson in the host BRAC. Michael Thompson joining just right now, Michael I'm sorry to have vanquished you in the host bracket contest. But I, but I I'm proud that. I won and beat a worthy competitor. Like you. I'm just happy to ladies or an SUV eventually like Cussing right now. Can you believe that Michael Nikki, I'm a former Laker, Linda remote? This is a black comedian Ellie, I moved to a guy who can't even dribble out of his own mouth myself. Dribble out of my mouth, Michael. I think it ranks right up there. Among my all time achievements is beating and being more popular than you, which I think is the. Just make your day. It does make my day. Just kidding from all day Monday. What what the date? Oh, April first. Who you got killed? Day. I didn't get it. Either Oto wasn't in on that. Shot base you on the. God it was the first. And now, you guys are just f- in with me. Now, John, by the way, the best part of that was Greg. You got killed. Great. You have vowed that you will get Bergman back. Well, I'd like to quote, rob Pelinka of gun. Rob pelinka? There's directions you could go. Here. Pelinka quotes, the count of Monte fuseco and say co money stole you. Pitch for the giants a writer, rob Pelinka when he quotes the count of Monte Cristo and say. A revenge is a dish. Best served cold, watch yourself. It's going to be. I mean, I there's no way to pull it off on April the first, but there will be something. And it is coming. It is big now's large in it is angry. And it is coming at UD, honest said to people on the bus when I heard this bit which I thought played out very funny. I said Mason goes to the shrink how often do you go once a month? Okay. This will come up. Oh. Next at the Knicks six it's that you some L lost in the first round. I actually sent a tweet saying if you enjoy radio entertainment vote for Michael because this will hunt Mason will be he will not be able to accept it lose, by the way. I don't accept it. I think we've got problem we've got voting problems during. I think is gerrymandering. I think should I don't Tak tabulations. I think are wrong brilliant. I'm calling for a recount, I'm like Al Gore crawling around a ballot box and to the most the most interesting things about that host bracket where we're number one. Brian Chemnitz key destroying Stephen Smith surprise, not close not suppress. And yet if you read the report today, Steven as about to become the richest employees of ESPN, really. Yeah. He's about to sign a contract. He he's going to sign a contract that he'll make more than Lou Williams makes while so that's number one. And number two the. I know play Sodano in the second round, you'll beat Saddam. Silence. I was surprised to Dino beat Meena. I was gearing up to three I've means done like eight shows. Yeah. But Meena is like universally loved she's universally. Not like she doesn't have great name recognition on the station because she's only done like eight or nine shows. Yeah. No. But I think you'll wallop Sodano. I hope so. And I think we're missing coming in coming in next. Yes. What do you hear Dell? Okay. Sudan Trudell one Trudell had the biggest margin victory Diddy..

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