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Raised by their own experts to the roads cover radio real time traffic with Ricky Taylor certainly interesting I got a text message at nine eight nine seven three St traced they've shut down the on ramp from ninety eight to a four oh five and if you are traveling on westbound I. ninety you're going to notice that and that's because it sounds like this is a pretty serious deal so that tire ramp is closed off for the time being as they can I work on this crash backups on south but I five is still a V. district through the convention center not bad up cells that are hill south of four oh five still rough outside of Bellevue and heading into new castle that north on five drive still get hit the brakes outside a shoreline again the parts of south Everett however here's county is a different story we're seeing some heavy traffic on southbound I. five highway eighteen passes you off of a bridge things are really ramping up outside of Lakewood five twelve a slam between I. five heading out towards canyon and the others quite a few brake lights as we get past the south hill mall just a little heads up to you there's going to be quite a few closures and five specially on that north on five exit to twenty street east and of course the port of Tacoma road on ramp to northbound I. five this is going to close tonight at ten that's going to last for the next two weeks traffic is brought to you by up work has the world's largest network of independent professionals like designers developers data scientists you name it what you need in demand talent on demand forgets how Kyra radio real time traffic and Tracy Taylor decreasing rain today turning to just a couple of showers which have increased sun tomorrow scattered showers chance for some thunderstorms even to Baylor some wet snow I'm Cairo seven ten point zero just.

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