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Their system of course Christianity took a lot of demonic forces from Melissa's into their system and of course designed to mess little demons Insofar Ombu. Well you again read. My mind remind our listeners. Basically because the next question then the last regarding this first chapter is. Can you quickly elaborate on the term penned demonic? So you're just started at. Maybe you can do that a bit more and do you also work with the Pantheon. That's that's the same same question. Okay well yeah I mean we already kind of went into demonic. Tried to use the word pandemic because I try to avoid a strict hierarchy. I tried to avoid the suggestion that a life. The power of life have created in themselves certain hierarchy of spirit this is a very of course transcendental local century type of thing. You need to A structure the world. In regards to hierarchies I believe however they just forces forces of different impact on import depending on where you are and what position you have. The question is what is stronger. A was what is more important. Is there like the New Mineta? The empowering force of Out or the rain rainstorm or of a landscape or of a tree or of a forest. So the the question is I just indifferent. Mirrored atmospheres Nimbus whatever you WANNA call it that have the ability to impact on the human being and however we may find certain powers more important in our allies depending on where we live where we are at our life What we need and this case we can construct. Certain hierarchies depending on our needs just means if I would move to Haiti or I would move to Africa of I would move to Canada. Probably a pen on on my hierachy of powers would change because suddenly some would fun away. Because I don't know those spear on existence on certain place and some others would become very dominant. Let's say mountain range or something here. The power of a mountain but if I live in a desert or something when the planes there there's a mountain.

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