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Dallas Police have released bodycam footage of a shooting involving an officer and an unarmed man. According to DPD. Officer Branson Aggression, was responding to a report of gunfire outside a gas station on Rust Town road in east Dallas. When a suspect ran off. Hey, come here! Hey, come here now! Miami's here, Dan Head. Hands Echo 2 72 shots fired. Police said The man did not have any weapons on him. When Officer Grisham fired his weapon. The man was not charged with a crime and was later released. The officer is on leave. President Joe Biden asking for money for Afghan refugees as they come to the United States. The White House is asking Congress for $6.4 billion to support 65,000 Afghans arriving in the U. S. According to the Office of Budget Management. Most of the money would go to the Department of Defense Processing centers, oversees the rest for resettlement operations, humanitarian assistance and funding for health screenings and vaccines. Afghan refugees are now in line with tens of thousands of migrants from our southern border as they wait for sluggish paperwork to process through the backlogged immigration system. Even Homeland Security Secretary Alejandra Mayorkas admitting last week that their resources were quote stressed In Washington. I'm sure Hosni Fox News and a programming note. Former President Donald Trump will be on the Mark Levin Show tonight. The former president's scheduled to join then during the five o'clock hour on W B A P 20. Texas Business Closing numbers on Wall Street, The Dow down 69 points. NASDAQ Down 88 the S and P. 500 off by six. Again the high today 95. It is 91 degrees from the W B A P news desk..

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