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Welcome insulate sedition. Spnfz down today in the champions league was all the pao group page. We'll talk about life experience. Psg in a moment but will start in turkey when it's time volvo. Sachse here beat manchester united by two goals to one to register. That i have. I have a goal in the history of the group stages of the competition shock his shirt robson and craig burley with us craig. They deserve the win. As well. Airbus when i said to your boss to this games you won't watch and he says Leipzig psg okay. And can you watch united against that team and eastern builders second very difficult not dot game. He must think you're going to be the guest. This keep on and he was. He was absolutely right because once again united make the headlines for the wrong reasons and what is also say after the debacle against us know that woeful performances. Well you know we came and we weren't really say and not to your game and well. Here's an is a repeat for five minutes of the same performance with the unable. Do the basics against as a much per parasite and then the two goals that gave away guys on top of that. I mean that. Not even school boy stuff. And we're talking about my innate here. So listen dan the caucus checking out full defeats than seven games with ever we can. The clock is ticking. If he loses on saturday how the hell do you go to your book. Your shareholders doesn't say five defeats in eight games. Hose out for the united the in good enough if that happens it that weekend. Let's talk about that. First goal robbo because it kind of an indictment on everything. That's wrong with manchester united. At the moment everyone was opposite if it was the ninety fifth. Minute eighty no one was about mark in denver. Bob picks up the ball goes up. The other end and school prayed. Says he wouldn't see that at schoolboy level whenever when you're going to play send you send the hobbs up you get people you always have to. But if they've got one said the forward you usually have to buy one market behind one marketing from well matic who was marketing from but it was actually behind the completely so i didn't even know he was there. That point I think Barack hussein might around forward at the wrong time so the wide open but it was an extraordinary go and it just shows a lack of organization lack leadership on the field as well because when the synapse go out for the corner they should be making sure. It's all sorted out the goalkeeper. No it was henderson and go. He's going to be telling people in front of you know you go to get back go side one one go side on the other side of him so he can't get the ball into his feet. It's a lack of organization lack discipline and the lack of leadership. Who takes the blame overall. Rubber wants to blame the goalkeeper shacking. I think he's done to all social in all honesty. Um on bassac aside. But he's involved in the setpiece not not just wants a given gobert he gets back and if the right back gets involved wamba soccer is actually supposed to be sitting a little bit deeper and he gets involved in the play showing you on new training ground. Who's supposed to drop in in place of him or two point. You have some kind of leadership on on the field. Two zero wamba soccer's involved. I've got to drop drop inside or he's pick somebody else to japan but nobody does and then gets caused caught boil watching denver by realizes either just drifts off the back of him which i mean. That wasn't the only time that happened to the game. He was doing that all game long. Just peeling off boxer into space and alone clearance and he's not understand. The point was making that head sensitive course somebody back as well. But i i sympathize. Everybody goes a long way. Yup you're probably screaming your head off You know whether anybody's mind or not. I just feel that. In terms of of initial blame. It has to be managed and it has to be social on the sidelines for not having his organization Better prepared than that done. Let's get to the crux of s. Right hari mcguire was out this week. After the game smarting criticism from some pundits about leadership. Haven't any right so he can come out and raise your head above the powerpoint and tell all the nonsense..

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