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Five seventy K. L. I. house and welcome back to coast to coast George story with you Pauline neck with us our final segment as we're talking about the television program project blue book the Hynek UFO report and his late father J. Allen Hynek fascinating family polled and when you all get together for offense thanksgiving do you talk about dad absolutely he's sort of a a larger than life figure is an icon yeah yeah he really is let's go to the phones east of the Rockies glands with us on the Louisville Kentucky high gland hi guys all I wanted to let you know I'm retired newspaper columnist and editor and now what seems like a lot like time ago when I was a young reporter I was an acquaintance of the late John for the road we are at in yeah that's right and engine in Exeter in anyway was through John that I was introduced to your father and the center for UFO studies at that time and no question was just getting started and I ended up writing a press release or two four for your dad and asking one day given all the information that we have data about the file cabinets filled with information how he maintains his enthusiasm for all all of the in the face of all that they have any said something that out and I'm sending three nine out kept this with me all my life he said land it only takes one it only takes one case he was absolutely convinced I believe that he would some day fine that one case it would be quantifiable scientifically and answerable to all the questions that the scientific community and and that in one way or another it would prove the existence of a life that was different from the one we have here great to talk to you thank you for taking my call small world my recollection of that's it's really nice to hear and you know maybe you didn't find that that one smoking gun but he certainly set the foundation for others to do so absolutely back to the lawn is a more case answer coral New Mexico the police officer I still quote that case it's it's one of the best isn't it is and that's you know by that time my father had really come full circle and and just and and personally investigated that case and and thought it was just one of the one of the better more convincing pieces of evidence in the puzzle sure once absent did he ever meet Lani ruler several times have any must be must to believe them it it it police officers by you know by virtue of their occupation typically tend to be pretty credible witnesses and allow me to be a especially so absolutely sane with pilots yeah yeah they have their very good vision they're trained to not to get overly emotional one something very strange happens and they they can judge distance and and size very well do you believe project Bluebook died in nineteen sixty nine or did it continue quietly that's a really good question George and we've seen recently with a tip that these projects never really die they just sort of morph into a different agency and it's it it it you know that that one project and sort of that public relations exercise may have gone away but we know that the navy and the army the airforce didn't stop studying the phenomena and they're probably still studying absolutely would would you want them to yes yes apps absolutely did your father knoll the late but Hopkins absolutely he did okay yeah it was it was it was a close family friend do we have these giants of ufology anymore Paul do we have a giants have you vote you know yeah like your father he was one of the giants yeah well okay lays absolutely a living legend in the field that's right and and I did a I was asked to speak about a all right at a UFO conference and I said well I'd be happy to do that but how about I actually asked the questions to Jacques ballet who knows a whole lot more about UFOs and who has a PhD in a I from northwestern I think that would be S. the audience perfect perfect let's go to Janet Houston Texas side Janet welcome to the program my goodness hello it's such an honor to talk to you gentlemen George I've only waiting a long time to get on the show thank you by the way you know you you coming to our life Houston troll announcer I will be the first in line to you I promise you are anyway so I'm a retired from a nurse and so you know I'm really based in a lot of science and you know crew five tests and you know did they cause this in there however when we were I was growing up in West Virginia in about nineteen sixty eight sixty nine we went to the neighborhood kids are planned out on the street where playing stickball and we lived really close to the Pittsburgh airport so we were we grew up with planes and you know all kind of step one across home I mean constantly and so we we knew you know those were not you at that was how ever one day we were out there playin and all the sudden in the side just instantaneously there was the flight right right some kind of be a cold and covered around with light and it just popped up and it was so bright in it you know make me was a Nova we don't know however we all witnessed these little lights going back into the big ship and then it was gone I mean in seconds it was gone but we all witnessed this and we need to this day I was born in fifty five so it's part about thirteen fourteen we talk about it and then when I was looking up later on in life at looking up that in that time here yeah like late sixties seventies there was no did to be a lot of UFO sightings and so Paul I was wondering did your dad ever find like specific big nearest may be that we're a bunch to more than others with certain you know UFO sightings Sir these flaps Paul yep flap that's right echo five nineteen fifty four was a a high water mark for K. sightings at nineteen fifty two is also notable because as the show and and the show project blue book and episode ten of season one there were UFOs the one over the nation's capitol Washington DC captured on a newspaper photographers fill right so and president Truman actually scrambled fighter jets to go after them of course that was going to be useless and for not to right right but the fact that the the sitting president scrambled fighter jets that means that the reports that bubbles up to him must've been pretty credible that was a great series a cases too did did your father ever investigate the battle of Los Angeles that the story you know I don't know that's a that's a fascinating local tale here in LA and I don't know what he did personally to investigate that but I want to find out I want to investigate his investigation of that Paul Heinegg with us this is our final segment as we take your phone calls let's go to Paul in Dayton Ohio Hey Paul go ahead Sir I'm really glad to get into the show and I really appreciate the show thank you I use the wall you get that get a real kick out of the fact that many many years ago here at Wright Patterson airforce base it was a sad face did you get a command and that made you quite mellow was the one who was writing project blue book mmhm and we're out there we measured that begin the sky which will show with the UFO and I called major quite well are the first thing he said was no you just saw Venus we said mellow wasn't V. this we measure the altitude the speed and so on there was a some sort of an engineering program but yes it was the week where budget vegetarian student I just graduated from the university of that so we are out there on the edge of the roadways because we're getting a number of sightings so yeah I just sort of get a kick out of the fight they called everything Venus no matter what they saw yeah what a surprise yeah it was it was a comment that you know of the matter what you saw this although which is the planet Venus yeah you know and something that's interesting is sort of life image art imitates life is that Michael malarkey who plays captain Quinn which is sort of an amalgamation of the various airforce project Bluebook directors was born ten minutes from Dayton Ohio absolutely in the ratings by the way for the TV show are pretty good aren't they the show was the highest rated scripted show on cable the new the highest rated new scripted show on cable last year I mean they're averaging well over a million and a half people watching it every episode yes three to four million that's growing yeah it's it's done very well the super Paul Heinegg with us our final segment here let's go next to hear you in Brooklyn New York Kerry taken away hi George thank you for taking my call you here if you will for the love you show it's great thank you there was a of books Google books mentioned on the show well back world suction about Betty and Barney hill yup and there was a of the interrupted journey no by Jon fuller right here he was writing about Betty and Barney right that's right and also a book awakening by merry ride world yeah okay good books to will pick up to read all my gosh yeah absolutely they're classics if you're into you what your foes in ufology Kerry those are the ones you were different we want and of course all of doctor Jaylen nine exports right called course I still love close encounters of the third kind I so I think I still have that original book talk way somewhere yeah and and the movie really holds up it's just a really compelling look at the overall you're for experience and like I talked about there's more that often goes on besides just seeing some ship in the sky exactly Clayton's what's us truck driving in Iowa hello Clayton go ahead a thanks for let me on the so I'm a big listener all I have a question back in the early nineties I wash my very first UFO movie it was directed by Robert Lieberman the nineteen ninety three film fire in the sky I was going to no did your father by any chance ever work with the with the director of the movie or the ever the actor who Travis Walton who played DB Sweeney yeah so no but I'm friends with Travis Walton and I'm talking with Travis about re doing a movie version of this story because he's not altogether pleased with fire in the sky Travis is a good guide by the words DB DB Sweeney play Travis that's right in now Travis is just a superb individual and passed a lie detector test that's right and that's another one of my father's favorite cases and Travis and I are friends and I would love to help them achieve a better version of of his extraordinary experience he's well received at conferences Paul people like him he's a bullet but thank gosh I wish we could get him some more real exposure let's take another couple calls North Carolina we go rounds with this east of the Rockies Hey Ronald go ahead Sir John and great program hi yeah I'm and my next Coast Guard I'm sixty eight years old I was already a man aboard a Coast Guard cutter Spencer and we never saw I've had quite a few UFO encounters bad affect like your member number John and my friend we've camped out on top the hill and if you remember that the UFO that and his kicks Berg Pennsylvania that thing which we I'm pretty sure where that's when we stop to arrest and end up crashing insects birds but you wanna tell you about is there was this one number and I'm a catch I make and then not shell because it could be a long story but it was mission there were some aborted Custer kind of stretch over on a station echo and the wires were able to at night time I think it's like nine or ten o'clock at night the wires were perfectly flat level is like a glass G..

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