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It was enough to last week for under the dangerous Now you have to go through east east. Come through that now so i i would be open as well. We'll be fishing. Yeah Into the studio we can only talk with him and everything in debt Because what we want to try and do is obviously all the heroes together. you know. it'd be nice if we can get him because we're going to be doing this into public apollo partnerships go from the point of view of the interviews issue. You know Be ideally we could get you know ken wiza- without heavens and and maybe jimmy jimmy rimmer because that little triangle. Yeah those three you know. We know in pulled not only from a defensive point of view but also from an attack point view from conan kicks and stuff so it you know i just keep my fingers crossed. I can you know will will have recovered by know. I you not to get the stories. We want to do this. You want the real stories to come out you know in the real story about jimmy reveling off in the final. The is a story in itself. You know because the you know. But i didn't know anyway. I don't know whether anyone else knew that he was i. I think it was a stoner to most of but nigel spink not really played a game. Four stars looms on unnecessity story. I believe absolutely. It's incredible and jimmy remedies to two european cup winners medals nothing. He played eleven minutes right page. That always everything. Together is a forty fourteenth anniversary tribute page twitter at i forty and the website is i the forte tribute dot com on aston. Villa's of football club coming to the parts a with the film. Will they be letting you do filming in saw aston villa. because there's a lot of Could utilize well at the moment. We're not bothered the simply because bt of found embarrassing. I think it's diplomacy found the right place because they've not. They've not really mentioned villa. Park to show i they will go to the park. Show things they kind of do as far as they can said they just seems to me that they just wanna get distorted yet. I never got because you got remember. Bt now load all the rights to the champions league and european cup so they'll have chosen to footage which they can call back on which hopefully will be again in the background to what we do and so when we're talking to the i'm sure it'll be they'll be then put ni- lights in a still thought. We did a little bit like what we were going to do. We're still going to do with the forty once we once we get over covert we can get into into the Into places where we can talk to the funds you know we allow the dot scenario where the guys will be talking about sitting games and we'll footage of goals. That were school. And we'll be talking about in in great you know. So so i would imagine the bt thing will be exactly say it will be full of really good archive stuff and i. You know the information coming from the players yet will just add to it so i think i'm looking forward to it because you know daily special when things happen to football team on. It's been very special for those two seasons. The really should be a story of isis..

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