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It's just a brilliant ripples of that driver market cities are still continuing. I found that quite amusing in a way. Yeah, I don't think there's I don't think we're ever going to tire of telling the story of this silly season. It's definitely been probably one of the silliest of silly seasons. And one of the big beneficiaries, though, is Nick de vries. He's going to be 28 for the time. He makes his F one debut, which sounds pretty ancient by mon Sanders for an F one rookie, but he's a driver who's earned his stripes. He's Biden's timings worked his way up. I believe you, did you cover his championship winning formula E season? I did, yeah. What kind of driver is Formula One getting? A very demanding one like I know we've just had a Suzuki could qualifying a session where gasly and sonoda berated the team over every time they flexing their big toe, it breaks their locking up on the outfit or really going at it. But de vries is demanding, but he has that element of charge. So it's like, I want this this and this, but because I do it with a nice smile, I'm going to get my way. And usually he's really, really right about that. I think the age thing is interesting because actually, yes, he will be 28, which for a rookie is very old, really, by comparison, especially when his compatriot Max Verstappen is skating so much. But I think may we actually, we should start looking at it the other way and go, well, he's younger than Perez because he is now in the after tour. If he does a good job, Verstappen gets on well with him, they're good mates, but Verstappen is the quicker of the two drivers. So if Perez retires or has a bit of a poor season, again, next year, and they don't renew his contract, then de Bruce should be in contention for that seat. Again, that's okay, he's not a Red Bull junior driver. He's come from the Mercedes ranks, but that is ultimately the aim of that team as well is to provide drivers. So maybe his instead of him being an old rookie, maybe him being younger than prayers actually might pay off. I know he's only done one Formula One race. I'm already talking about him getting into a championship winning car, but that's got to be the trajectory. He thinks. But he does need to come in and prove himself. There's a slight narrative around him that will make, you know, I've had to do things young conventional way because as the F two champion and didn't get an F one drive well, you know, second in that championship was Nicholas Latifi and he's fighting for his F one career and then obviously he went and won a formula for the former re title, very odd season that no one was particularly consistent, although de vries was mega. I think you could argue based on this season. They've changed the formerly qualifying format to make it a bit more linear. I think you could argue that de vries is not quite as good as stuff of van dorn, but staff will van dorn, at least publicly says he doesn't want to come back to F one. So now you have this situation where de Bruce is coming and I think it's an interesting signing. I would, you know, I don't want to be harsh about Yuki Snyder, but I'd expect divorce to be quicker than him fairly soon. And I think it will show a stark contract in sort of working practices when you get methodical diversity demands a lot from the team. And not just in terms of I want this change into the car and bloody blah blah. But because he is a new professional, he wants people to be just the same and there are certain sort of rumors about why he got dropped from the McLaren program aside from speed, but I think as his matured his learn how to get what he wants and he won't do the Yuki snowed R this car's a piece of rubbish or whatever. I think he's a bit better about going about things and getting what he wants. So that should ingratiate himself to the team and I think he's fast enough to be the stronger of the two drivers. And let's see where that takes him. I mean, it's a good deal, isn't it? This time 12 months and it was becoming clear that he was in the frame for a Williams drive but I looked and they went with Alex Albon. Well he's sort of almost taken Alex Albon's place in a way if you think because after being dropped from Red Bull like gasly was or like caveat, you expect album to go back to a Ross, but you didn't he had a year on a sidelines and I was cut ties with Red Bull and divorce is now got if you like his seat if you want to think of it that way. So what he can do with it okay Alfredo having a rubbish season and they've struggled with the adaption to ground effect but he's now sort of maybe leapfrog two or three spots at the constructors championship so let's see what you can do with that.

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