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Don't have a kicker tobruk kickers blair washer me just you know he he i don't understand like i i would have a hard time if i were me like i i could never trust blair walsh after what happened in minnesota we benefited from you watched it live literally got union cigarettes and i understand like for me that's like it's just like every time i see mickelson on a like a really close putt i just always worries not going to make issued i've seen a missed too many of them i guess who i am with kickers like like i just would worry about like i don't know like to me that bothers me i think seattle the i'm john schneider and on pete carroll i'm going back to when we first got there and we're going to have to roll up our sleeves let some of these high priced guys go and just try to rebuild this team around russell wilson at least we have a quarterback but the offense of wines got to play better cable i think the offense of staffs got to figure out what they are bebel either stays cable whatever they're gonna do they need a fixed the offense and then defensively they gotta fix our defense align i mean that's really the end of the store they don't have enough they can't dominate the game up front and and they're not good enough of the back end even a guy like crowe side could be a guy that goes up to seattle they're going to have to be a wet field he got the rearrange the cap i mean they lost away let's face it they they signed jimmy they trade for jimmy graham they lost their way i think that super bowl lost to us in told me graham not coming back reportedly they can't have him back in the knock apart they can't even use the when they hatem select why bring them back so for me like i think they have to redefine who they are you gotta go back to the moment where you say to yourself this is who we want to be and let's go do it i think that's woods that's what they have to do and and i think that that's what they.

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