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Of good juicy content but before we let you all go we wanna remind you can voicemail eight six zero five zero six five seven one six in also you've heard of svp host of espn sportscenter Did you know his podcast. You're downloading follow. Sv s. d. pod. Wherever you get your podcast here. S bp take deep dives with guests topics entertaining way. That only he can. That's sp pod. Wherever you get your podcasts also talks about in the beginning the ultimate fighter is back the reality show that brings top mma prospects together under one roof to compete for a ufc contract is on espn plus for the way champ. Alexander bulkin off. Ski and brian ortega coach. Men's bantamweight in middle way to put their lives on. Hold for the chance to pursue the usc dreams stream new episodes every tuesday only on espn plus sign up now at espn plus dot com slash. Ufc okay ladies. Everybody subscribe listen. Follow every everything that you do your podcast that you liked your you like us. Please do it. I'm not see you next week. Ladies i is next.

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