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At EA she assist on Twitter. Thank you very much. Everybody at at year for help him put together this game within like three hours of record time. So. There's this game is super simple. I am going to give you the show the owner and the type of animal you must name the pet for one point. Boy. All right. There's no hints or clues going to give us three pieces information you have to tell me the name of the pet in question. Fifty seven pets today. We have three kind of three gross worth equalizer challenge zones. Now, Adam do you just call them equalizer? That I call them. Cole equalizer talents. But here we are. We also have steals. I think still in play Tarawa situation. They're valued guests have one and I have one. All right. So let's start to pick you to see who's actually going to start. We'll start with valued guest. All right. So Adam is going first, then Tara, then Sarah are re ready to play TV pets. All right, Adam on pushing daisies Ned the pie maker has a golden retriever named what? Feel like it's something death related. But I I don't remember. That dog's name Digby dig the great. I was wrong in every way. Awesome. Dig on free jour-. And I no I'm pretty sure Martin crane has the Jack Russell terrier named Eddie. Saturday bunting on clone high principal Scud worth as a robot dog named. Doug. Cybele pooch commencing, twelve hours looking session. I believe it's e- cyberpolice eyeball. Yes. All right back to Adam in looney tunes. Granny has a canary named Tweety bird. Tara on Gilmore girls lower like Elmar has a polish lowland sheepdog named Anka. Dirty bunting. On Santa Clarita, diet Sheila has an undid internal organs spider named taco taco. Yes. And wish you said that was such speed. It really sounded confident I had to double check the answer on my sheet. That pet in quotes name is Mr. ball legs is some sort of zombie creating spider that lives in all the people on that show. So really took a turn after the first four episodes. We watched back to Adam in mad about you. Paul, jamie. Heavy collie mix named oh, I don't know who so long ago. Dog's name theranos. Spare me this Murray? Oh murray. Tar yes. On mash, Colonel Potter has a horse named. Oh, no. Hercules. Sophie, sophie. Charity bunting Sabrina on Sabrina the teenage witch as a cat named. Oh my God. I can picture. This cat to doesn't play Blackie. Incorrect Salem, see. Sure. Gross worth Dr Who the doctor as a robot dog whose name is canine. Tari anna. On full house that Tanner family has a golden retriever name. No. Frisbee. It is not right. It is comet comet right thirty Bundy on parks and rec April and Andy have a three legged rescue dog named. Tripod Ambien champ..

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