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As one dozen know who's who now i mean israel the united states all against palestinians violating international law in disregard to the majority of the nations of the world including britain other countries it is it is really quite remarkable and quite remarkable what where does avoi come from or is this just a situation whereby as we'll probably have to find that with so many other situations we'll just have to sit it out until the trump administration end we have to sit it out obviously have no choice but i do think that people have to keep resisting people have to keep putting their voice out there voicing their anger over this i don't think that we should be bessie fide as israel wishes or as the united states wishes in this case as well i don't think that that silences announcer i think we should keep making the case as much as possible because it's about people lives it's about the it's about humanity actually the end of the day four of us talk tat asha thank you for joining us on monocle twenty four year with the globalist and moment we find out what iran has been doing to preserve the nuclear deal but i with the time at seven oh nine here in london let's get a recap of the latest news headlines north korea has threatened to pull out of a summit with the us president donald trump if the us insists on young gives up its nuclear weapons program the meetings take place next month but the north has accused washington the harboring sinister intentions the malaysian politician anwar ibrahim has been freed from jail it'd been in prison for three years for sodomy and corruption charges he denied the country's new prime minister mahattaya muhammed sorta pardon for him enabling mr anwar to make a comeback to politics and japan's economy has shrunk for the first time in two years the world's third biggest economy contracted point six of a percent experts a decline in consumer spending and capital expenditure arte blade those are the headlines this is globalist.

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