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The edge you can get around the edge of both guys just i ask you do that our rushers well he had multiple fastest did his past russia eh repertoire he can build it you can be flexible and you can get down he could run over you to an and i think similar to what the ha why do you remember back when jj what really first on the scene it was for an ashes up knocking down passive but that's something that he's gonna give you out there on the edge with all the quick pass game that you have these days you know somebody's get those paul's up a new if you really take away a single asking lane fouls scared that canada i just football guy stuff here out of sorts man i'm so fired up by now valich tunis dan thing and there is a photographic came out i don't know about a month or two ago s p sports where was from the 2013 martin high school defensive line down in texas and its three little white guys who are pretty chevy and then you've got myles garrett near like damn josh freeman photo when he came out when he was in these quarterback class you remember that called josh freeman towered above the rest of that income in class in so it's it's crazy to see a myles garrett out there hey call uh let me just ask you on that transport fare podcast if you're a football guy you're gonna want to check it out you had me thinking in the pros you've got to have a quarterback to win the ball on the championship in college i feel like it's all along that defensive of front because the pack has for the best quarterbacks in the country but i don't see the pac 12 competing for a national title and you gave will a very indepth thought orlob evaluation of defensive lineman down in the south sec and acc who do you see down there who say at the top of the charts amongst events of i am and the college game whoa clemson have but their defensive line you look at crucial woking the guy who go inside outside he can be the he can play different to tackle extra warned to the top three defensive tackle i mean he's a guy who three.

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