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Degrees in Boston at eight o'clock. Good evening on Dan Watkins. Here's what's happening. Reaction pouring in from all sides after a federal appeals court overturns the death sentence of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The argument from Tsarnaev's lawyers centered around two jurors who lied when asked if they had posted on social media about the bombing. W easy. Suzanne Saws will spoke. But Dr Neil Livingston, author, TV commentator and an expert on security and terrorism, oil, Obviously, I'm disappointed. Terrorism expert Neil Livingston doesn't agree with the appeals court decision. The appeals court, of course. I did that The judge made errors and exploring the biases of the jury, and I think that's a weak reason to overturn the case. He thinks putting Tsarnaev to death could have given some of the victims closure but concedes the death penalty is not really effective in dissuading terrorists. I don't think they think about the consequences when they do that. On the other hand, I think it would send a message Tio some of the foreign terrorist, maybe give them some pause. Prosecutors will now have to decide if they want a new sentencing trial or just let Tsarnaev spend the rest of his life behind bars in Watertown, Suzanne Saz Vale W. B Z Boston's news Radio. Three people were killed in 260 injured in the 2013 Patriot's Day bombing by the marathon finish line. The bombs planted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan, the brothers also gunned down officer John Collier while attempting to flee Boston before Tamerlan was killed in a shootout with police in Watertown. Thie younger Tsarnaev was convicted on 30 charges, including conspiracy and use of a weapon of mass destruction. Sommerville continues to lag behind the rest of Massachusetts and re opening in the face of the Corona virus. But W B C's Mike Macklin found most people are OK with their Joker. Tony's cautious approach. The AMC Theatre and Assembly Square closed now for 4.5 months, and it won't be reopening anytime soon, either Somerville again delaying the move to phase three. Mayor Joseph Curtatone. He's still worried about the threat posed by covert 19 some business owners adversely affected by the mayor's decision. Not happy. But most people passing by the clothes theater like Diego Flores are okay with the mayor's call. I agree. I agree. I think way. Don't Baby steps. I don't know how long this is gonna last and other states of rushing into it. And you can see the outcome, Especially Florida. When Wei we're going through it then over here, you know, they were like this. Nothing happening down here. But look at it now, so Yeah, You know good for you, Mr Mayor in Somerville, Mike Macklin W. B z. Boston's news Radio is a three time for traffic and weather together, starting with the Subaru retailers in New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's David said, Ronnie. Thanks very quiet on the roads now. Self self town. Nothing in your way on the expressway. Route three is looking good up and down the South Shore routes 24 95 Good to go to and from Rhode Island. Down the Capeside. Everything cleared out very quickly. No issues now getting over the sag more born bridges up north upper into 1 28 Both directions moving fine between the pike in Danvers, who's 3 93 95 No issues to and from the Napster State Line Root one's looking good. Chelsea right up to Lynnfield heading up to New Hampshire and Maine. No issues along 93 in 95 out West, the pipes quiet out about Auburn back to Boston tonight, eastbound. Just watch for that work crew have blocking two left lanes by exit 22 Main Street shoes bring not causing any delays at the moment for 95. Looking good as well. Davis, Johnny W. B. C's 24 hour traffic network, and here's Daniel Nettle with the forecast. We'll have some patchy clouds around for tonight. It will be on the McGee side lows near 70 for tomorrow. Partly sunny, a breezy afternoon high 80 for mostly cloudy. Tomorrow night. We'll have a shower thunderstorm around for the evening hours Low 74. Monday, a blend of sunshine and clouds crazy, hot and humid heist 92 94. Then on Tuesday rather cloudy with some showers, along with the thunderstorm. High 78 will likely be seeing some heavy rain and strong winds. As we look ahead to Tuesday night as SA yes works its way into the area. Main concerns, flooding some damaging wind gusts and coastal flooding possible as well into really Wednesday a Mackie weather meteorologist Danielle Middle W. B. Z, Boston's news radio, and it's currently 77 degrees in Boston after churning through the Caribbean as a Category one hurricane. The deadly Serious is heading towards novel Corona virus ravaged Florida. ABC News senior meteorologist Rob Marciano is in Melbourne, Florida, with latest essay.

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