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Now you said your everyday millionaires are you in a position that if something happened to you, without any life insurance that she would be okay? Yes. You see the teacher? She makes most $60,000 and we have no other data available. You know, we have more. Their debt make plenty jer to cover that person as well. So substantial investments that sounds like About $820,000 and leave them in 10 Investments. Yes, OK, actually, no, and so that money could be invested and create an income to replace your income. If something happened to you. Yes, OK, then. You know, if you if you consider yourself self insured, then you don't need You know, And it sounds like you are if the kids are grown and gone and mortgages paid off. I mean, you're you're in great shape. So, Yeah, I'm going. I'm cashing that puppy out. It's a horrible place to have money and the little tiny mortgages, horrible things, So let's just get rid of a bunch of horrible things. One conversation. And a celebration. You could tell. It's really nagging at him. Touchdown. I don't know if he caught that go like you could pay that off today. Yeah, Dave said you're free. Coke probably got 45,000 and one of those other accounts, You could just write a check today and pay it off. It's not in a retirement account and then just replenish it with this Now, don't if you only have $45,000 cash to your name anywhere. Then don't do that. But I suspect that you know, I'm hearing I'm hearing lots of zeroes in this discussion. I think you're okay. Opened phones that triple 882552 to 5. Aaron is with us in Louisville, Kentucky. Hi, Aaron. How are you? I'm doing great. How about yourself better than we deserve. How can we help? So are probably geared more chords. Mr. Coleman. Um, I am at currently the job, Matt. Isn't a bad job. I just don't really make a whole lot of money. But it is pretty secure. You know, when everything was shut down or whatever. I still had my job, and it was considered its quote unquote essential, whatever sure, but I have to really work. Ah, lot of ours to really make any Halfway decent money, and I just don't want to do that forever. I'd like to start perceiving trying to find something better. But I'll just be honest. I'm fearful that you know, since I got get something, something crazy happens. They shut down again and then I can't. Work with her job, but I'm getting out. Let me set you free. I get that, but we'll come back here. You have this correct. We can get to that. We're.

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