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The sports hub ninety eight five the sports hub christian art can with you for another twenty four twenty five minutes or so and i've been putting this off because there's been a lot of other things to talk about here in this guy doesn't even play anymore but this peyton manning story this is i mean wow first of all the whole thing is is it's pretty funny that this whole thing's even happening this way the reason why the stories come out and if you don't know the story i'll explain it in a second but the whole reason this came out isn't because of anything that peyton manning did now it's because of a lawsuits being filed by the other guys who were mentioned in this debate right if you remember of course after the thing came out slide shot a video where he looked like a hostage it looked exactly like hostage wagga hostage video where i recant everything i said he was sweating his eyes rebutted eyes darting around me and it was just it was weird and he said i made it all up i was lying i'm sorry blah blah blah blah blah goodbye well now in a in court papers unsealed in the defamation lawsuit against al jazeera america which were filed by ryan howard ryan zimmerman the cable news network now defunct is saying that peyton manning confirmed much of the doping allegations made by him by the primary source the report side of the word of charlie sly who the network indicated was a pharmacist worked at the guy or institute after al jazeera story came out made a splash by dropping the names of athletes like manning dr del geared denied that sly was ever an employee and then sly recanted his story according to memos from al jazeera davies contacted manning ca agent tom condon before the documentary aired to get comment on something that slide been recorded saying specifically slice stated i did part of my training at the geyer institute which is this anti aging clinic in indiana peyton manning and his wife would come in after hours to get iv's nine days after condom was contacted in december of two thousand fifteen ted olson called the.

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