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T. e. r. dot net I know it's been a while since I've done an episode of this podcast it's just been one of those years where there's not a lot coming out in theaters because theaters open ver very few I should say better showing any kind of new movies. There are some things that are shown on streaming services and I'm going to be talking about one of those films to day. It is on Disney's streaming platform called Disney plus it's a film that was actually bad to be put into theaters here in twenty twenty. But of course, the opportunity just did not arise. So they are allowing it for people who subscribe to Disney plus and there's no extra charge like Milan which is going to be coming out very shortly. Lease at the time of this recording is a PG rated film I personally think it probably could have gotten away with a G. Rating, but it does have mild thematic elements. One Hour thirty five minutes is the run time Bryan Cranston Ariana Green Blat Ramon. Rodriguez Owen Arthur Mike White are in the live action cast. This actually has a live action cast as well as the CG characters that are provided with voice actors like Sam, Rockwell Danny Devito, Brooklyn Prints Angelina Jolie, Chaka, Khan Ron funches, inhale, and Mirren the Director for the One and only Ivan is Thea sharrock and the screenplay credited to Mike White. A Disney first approached Mike White writer to adapt Katherine Applegate's Twenty Twelve Children's book called. Of course, the one and only Ivan One Newbery Medal in twenty thirteen and white looked at this. He was not keen on adapting a children's book but he was emotionally affected when he did choose to read it it was very sad. It was poetic amid the cutesy are aspects of the book. It did have a lot of ethical challenges some inspirational material as well. So weit decided he was going to give it ago applegate based her book on a real life account. So it's kind of based. It's inspired by a true story as they say at the beginning of the film, there was actually a four hundred pound silverback gorilla named Ivan and he was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two was captured by poachers shortly after that he was brought. To the United States, and he spent twenty seven years in captivity at the public marketplace in Tacoma Washington before the Public Kurt about Ivan Story and demanded that he should be able to find a better pastures somewhere the story for the movies purposes, centers around Ivan that silverback who lives in a cage as the star of a struggling animal show at a suburban shopping center called the big top mall and video arcade at exit eight. Ivan's main stick as part of this indoor circus is to roar he has to look intimidating but behind the scenes, he is just a very thoughtful and sensitive soul. Talented animals. Animal acts under the care of this beleaguered ringleader named Mac played by Bryan Cranston. Those animals include baseball playing chicken. There's a Sassy poodle bunny, a seal, a parrot, and there's this elderly elephant named Stella plus a stream Mutt sometimes comes around to talk to you Ivan his name is Bob. released. That's the name they give him. Befriends the young daughter of the mall cleaner who hands him some crayons to draw and takes to this it's something he. has an interest in doing which has mac seeing dollar signs. When he finds out that his guerrilla can draw Ivan going to be the one to save his floundering circus attraction but not quite enough I think because Mac has to secure the services of this adorable baby elephant named Ruby. She arrives to become the latest big attraction under the tutelage and loving guidance of Stella the Elderly Elephant. The drawing the painting plus Ruby's arrival those all start to trigger Ivan's memories of his childhood of freedom in the wild with his family where he actually was kind of an artist there to. Meanwhile Stella does not want ruby to live a sheltered life as she has had all her life. So Ivan plans to break free and deliver ruby to a life of freedom if he can go through with his plans to do that. Now, Mike White writer director of two, thousand, seven year of the dog. He's had experience with animal movies. He was also planning to direct the One and only Ivan at one point but he decided that he would only right for this one there were a lot of technical challenges that he was not ready to take up. But white also appears in the film. He has a cameo role. You'll see him driving by the mall in a car during sequence and he also provides the voice of the seal named. Frankie. White. Felt that the story needed a bit more locale expansion he gave it more character based humor that was a more caper like plot put into the film, and there's a lot more story acceleration to try to get it to work as a successful all ages movie for about ninety minutes, Mike, Newell when White decided he wasn't GonNa direct he stepped in, but he soon left the project after a few months. So in two thousand, seventeen, Disney secured veteran theatre director Thea sharrock who was coming off of her first big screen. Effort this romantic tear jerker hit called me before you. Now, this is a live action film. It does have CG animal characters. It was shot at Pinewood Studios. In London, there are some external shots at Lakeland Florida but it's very much a live action film with animals in it, but they're not real animals, Angelina, Jolie, she serves as a CO producer for the one and only Ivan she does the voice of.

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