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Maybe he lasted for that bit in love should be in this. Yeah. He would have been to what about the goal because the Gore's is gory is kind of classic seventies Italian horror movie, but it sitting in the context of very lush beautiful as we said something not Gucci Prada fashion advertising. Lots of ways and great beauty. How does the goal sit with you? Because there's one very gory scene. This big set piece near the end about and there are some dream sequences that turns out Tilda Swinton enforces onto coach Johnson's character. She's having who trained and they're quite they're very spooky and strain. Then we'll go comes in one sort of in one place. Yeah. I know what Horo yours would say about the role of gore where when the sharks jump scares play that role because I think he's trying to frustrate days to do it all at once, man. I quite liked the Italians invented the Benetton advert which goal beauty in order to sell fashion. So I didn't sit all could be with me. I was waiting for. And I found that. The bone cracking scenes when when the Dodds becomes. Those kind of amazing absolutely amazing. I was I was hoped from there because I Don the power of the female bodies says the power of the ghosts that were kind of operating here that was coming up through this building say that that hooked me and had me sort of glued to my seat. Like, I was in that building myself. I couldn't escape history and the power of these images in front of me that was sort of most ingenious see that's one that sticks in my memory that one. I mean, I find that scene quite gory. And she very graphic. If anyone hasn't seen the foam, you shouldn't be listening to this. There's a scene where Dakota Johnson is doing a daunt sequence in one room. And then in another room, the cameras cutting between these two sequences and every movement that she does articulates the body of another dancer, but in quite horrible ways, very unnatural, and sort of make her bones snaps like an accidental once I dance the other side. It's fights. Yeah. Exactly. But with an invisible assailant, and it's it's really horrifying and kind of visceral sickening. Dole works. Osteopaths that your life and the noises as well this so kind of oh, actually quite. So I think he's got this sinus. Nick, Luca for design, and it all comes together. And I think he's kind of off the hook ins is very with it. There's a spirit does does mean a size this speedier in Latin and Italian too. So there was a point where this film just sort of becomes long song. Excellent comes in I suppose, that's by is in some ways. Well, you read all the way through the move. So it's it's a fascinating film. I under- and fifty minutes is indulgent too much. But sometimes when you go to new if he conned into old who in this in this business cannon, those talk a little bit of then because Simone prefaced her comments by giving a little bit of rundown of what she told about each one of his of his films. And I think it's a str-. I like it. I think the strength that you can make kind of very stylish, but schlocky go geology movie, you can make gay romance. Senator. I think that's a strength. I mean, I'm always intrigued to see what he's going to do next. What do we think? People think he should just forever to spot paintings. I don't know if I see this spirit as kind of July foam, I think there is violence, and there is good. But those are sort of small bursts that's happened throughout the firm. But actually in the context of the film is quite meted paps more say than his other films, which are you know, more emotional pops..

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