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News poll question today as the country enters the middle of winner Do you think we've seen the worst of the pandemic? Or do you think darker days? Lie ahead, Check it out on Twitter it kfbk or on our Web page, the kfbk calm and then the afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil page. Choices include We've seen the worst. It's the worst right now and darker days lie ahead. Well. Novavax is moving a step closer to adding another Corona virus vaccine to its arsenal for health officials in the U. S. The vaccine company is starting phase three trials of their covert 19 vaccine with funding from Operation Warp speed. Have 30,000 volunteers trying out the vaccine. Novavax is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Health officials in Belgium are considering a radical shift in the way the Fizer vaccine is administered. Tony Waterman is in Brussels and tells us it's part of the effort to inoculate as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Health officials are considering giving citizens just one dose of the Fizer Beyond TEC vaccine. The job is meant to be delivered in two doses three weeks apart. Although there is evidence that one does offer sufficient protection for much longer. The radical approach could allow the country of 11.5 million people to reach herd immunity much quicker. It's estimated that the entire Belgian population could be vaccinated by the summer. The country's vaccination task force will issue a decision in the coming weeks. Tony Waterman, Brussels Six months after Boston's Art commission unanimously decided to remove a controversial statue workers took down the sculpture this morning. Known as Friedman's Memorial, it depicted a freed slave kneeling at President Abraham Lincoln's fate. Work of art and stood in Boston since 18 79. And it's a copy of another statue in Washington, D. C. Ah local group of Faith leaders have been calling on city officials to take down the sculpture, saying it reinforced racist thinking. Let's hear from you on our kfbk. Afternoon news poll Question dial Pound to 50 on your smartphone and say, open mic just ahead on the KFBK Afternoon news. We'll check the top trending stories and go in depth on operation Warp speed, telling you about the latest.

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