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That's really cool. See I mean I think you I always hear you talk about audience always you talk about the boys and girls club and be influenced it had and just hearing dave talk about the impact it had on him but. See gives an idea of what you know why why is so critical in your life and what those experience were like and why it influenced you the same way Dave just talked about it influencing him. I mean exactly what he just said if it wasn't for the club, you know after school I have been going you know hanging out on the corners out them going hanging out in the street. So it was always safe place for me to go get my homework done like have good mentors like the first time I, ever went camping was at the boys and girls, but I want to as game was that the boys and Girls Club. Ever went to a warriors game was with the boys and Girls Club. So all these different types of experience you know getting out of jail came from the boys and Girls Club at night. If I signed up to two club, you know who knows what I, what I would have gotten into on those days in in different situation. So the club was a place of a safe place for me to go and I started going from the first grade all the way until I. Started playing high school sports. So it was just a it's just a part of WHO I am. You know what? I mean. So I relate to the kids club in any boys and Girls Club in America better than I can you know anybody so I know what those kids are going through so yeah I, mean I all my life to the club in and like I said just a very safe place for you to go and be productive as a kid. We have got to tell you about our new favorite that concept season same game parlays on Fan sportsbook. It's pretty simple. All you have to do is combined multiple bets from one game into a single parlay. This way the payouts are even bigger when you win what's cool to stand refund the first same game parlay you lose on any NFL game each week up to ten dollars that means you can bet a different parlay risk-free every nfl week all season long now see as you heard earlier in the episode, he feels a little bad about not getting his pick, right Last week but today you're going to win no matter what sort of because me and see are going opposites both looking at pucks at the raiders I'm taking Tampa minus three C. is taking the raiders plus three I like Tampa's D- what they did last week. Brady. Get a little rhythm seeing Gronk back involved. I. Do think they're a good team but if they play defense like that the Be Real good. We know see is a raiders fan and he was happy to begin points at home. The same game party I'm going to add to it is Kampe scoring more twenty-seven seven points Tampa over the twenty-seven plus bucks minus three. That is my same game parlay if you like our picks go ahead and bet them and with your first NFL world series same game poorly of the. Week you'll get ten bucks back. If we don't win now, there's one catch fan duel is the only sportsbook APP that has these same game parlays..

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