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How can they solve. Because everybody's solves them differently but some of the challenges are common but the solutions are very very interesting when we hear from people. So would you be kind enough to share some of your challenges. How do you solve them. Sure well. I'm working in a big company public company. So i have to deal with a large volume of data hundreds of consisting of employees as specific tenders issue and that range of data processor. Mike challenge is workload. Did not to do so. That's when when them and the other one is keeping people on boards. It's important because a lot of work to do. You have to repeat everything so you have to prove. Add value of what you are doing. Why are you doing this. Why protection is important for you for the company and you have to keep the data protection periods life. It's something that it's not when shot is everyday and needs to be running. So of course i cannot solve all this by myself so i have to make sure that The culture the people as getting on board keeping the pace. And because if i'm not doing this you are not able to intensify. We are not able to identify the data processing into the company and to analyze the risk. So it's really important that people understand why they are doing this because everyone in the company everywhere everyone can indentify one that the pacific. It's really really important because you know the bit. My nightmare is having showed that the person you are not aware idea existing. But they are. They're not have i. They do not have legal business and they do not have security measure. So it's a nightmare when you are working in the company so keeping people with you is really important and also. I have to tell them luckily peo because i have dictated to tim working so it helped me outs reaching all those people in the company..

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