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The WGN radio theater. And we also have Blackhawks hockey final game of the season tonight here and seven twenty WGN and Bartok's baseball socks baseball one o'clock game today, they play for twelve thirty five pre-game and a one ten star in a one ten start for your three and three Chicago White Sox. We'll go team in Chicago. Baseball you go. All right. You're going to hear the tone or he just did the Steve Cochran show celebrates the most valuable person on the planet. Weekday mornings at seven twenty on seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart speaker users just say play WGN radio on tune in. Here's the news now with Roger badesch, foggy and misty. And no, I'm not going to sing the song. It's forty five at O'Hare police superintendent Eddie Johnson says he met with mayor elect lights with the day after the election for more than two hours quite well. And let's not forget, the Mary let is very familiar with law enforcement and the police department. So there's not. A lot of things that we have to bring her up to speed on. But of course, she wanted to know what I plan was going into the summertime in terms of public safety. And he tells the Chicago program with John Kass on WGN, plus that he unlikelihood have always had a great line of communication, and he doesn't see that changing. But didn't commit that. He would be staying on as superintendent is mayor emanuel's siding with the F O P and other suburban police chiefs calling for confined to step down in the wake of charges being dropped by your office in the case of empire, actor jussie smollet. No..

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