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There's a lot of adults that can learn how to behave as a human being from this very young man. Yeah there are a lot of people that can learn a lot of different things from trevor lawrence. You talked about his personality. Humility the leadership ability but there are a lot of people that are really fascinated by the talent. So you have to tell me about this. This throw that i keep hearing about. It's called the throw versus mary pearson. In the playoffs the semifinals back in two thousand sixteen. What am i missing. Tell me about throw. It just came coming off that big win on the road against woodward academy. They were at home yet. Feel good about it and right out of the gate. carter's will was down fourteen. Nothing there was a very rare turnover and touchdown and then another quick touchdown. So there's carter's well playing at home down fourteen. Nothing leads them down the field and it was. I can't remember the down. But i remember him just rolling. Who is right and everybody was covered. He he pump faked other quarterb. The linebacker jumps in there. He does a total spin around and turns his left throws it across the field and drops it right over the shoulder of a receiver on the other side of the field and got got his foot in bounds. And it was a touchdown in from there. They they went on and won that game rather largely after that but again down fourteen and nothing had the had the presence to make this great athletic life. I'm sure is one of a of highlight place that he made his arm guard. Israel are the how pleased it stand out to you. Well i think from a highlight perspective. I'll tell you the thing that sticks out in my mind is enjoying watching him play clemson. It was one of the first nationally televised games that he was on and watching the announcers. He was having a big game. I can't remember the opponent but listening to the announcers towards the end of the game trying to come up with something different to say and trying to come up words to describe what he was doing. And i remember putting out on social media sediment watching that i'd come up with four years worth of of words to try to describe what this guy is doing and they were having trouble getting through one college football game with it. That's that's part of the part of what i'll remember. The most of the other part. That i remember is there's isn't a local team up here that their student run twitter site decided they were going to try to talk a little bit of trash about coming into town and getting some resent revenge for a big game. That cars won rather handily the year before and trevor. They tweeted at him. And that wasn't a good thing to do. And you know he's real responsible on social media too and he just tweeted out two words wrong move and shortly after that their twitter account apologized and After that They came to carterville. Actually it was We went up to carter's Calhoun and won that game by account of fifty eight to six overlook. So obviously yeah. Obviously you don't wanna poke to bear. But let's talk about the town. Has the town feel about trevor lawrence in all these become since he's loved high school. You know it's. It's a double edged sword for me In a good way. I mean he is he is put. Carter's ville in the spotlight. Certainly were a very proud community over twenty thousand people. We've got or the home of ronnie.

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