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Then up north and outside of the country, You know, New Zealand, Australia. There's there's other places where you can go. Not that Australia does much better with fires. That's why the next frontier and winemaking may be figuring out how to live with climate change. Predicting smoked ain't in grapes and how to reverse it when it appears and wine in Napa Valley, Holly Kwan KCBS and just briefly taking a look at the other big fires that have been burning around California, the Big August complex fire Containment. Now 62% of that fire has burned over a million acres and continues to grow a little bit each day. The 56,000 acres odd fire in Chester County, Now 90% contained that fire responsible for four deaths. And the creek fire the one in the Sierra northeast of Shaver Lake, the one that required those dramatic helicopter rescues of so many people that got burned. 330,000 acres have not even gotten to 50% containment yet on that fire Just ahead on KCBS. We'll take a look at whether some early symptoms that we've been told were key to understanding covert, er, Not so important. There's new research going on at UC San Francisco on that front. Right now. It's kcbs traffic information. And this has really been an all day sucker here. Kimba situation on 6 18 Year the Venetia Bridge yet it seems like I've been talking about it. We're almost since I went on the air 5 30 Anyway, that's when this first came in. That's a vehicle. It's a big rig on its side, South bound 6 80 at industrial, So that's as you're making your way toward the Venetia Bridge. They're taking traffic off that Lake Herman now. But that is slow going Stand south bound 6 80 is backed up all the way to Ah, Marshal. You turn off. So this is really solid. Stop and go. You don't want to deal with this at all. 80 has been looking great, actually as your alternate all morning long you can cut back using 7 80. If you need to get to the Venetia Bridge that also looks fine. The rest of interstate 80 is also in great shape in this report Brought to you by Children Auto body. And the Children out of body collision camp just catches up with a little sluggish traffic from Albany down to about Powell Street in Emeryville. On the eastbound side at Powell Street, There was word of stalled vehicle, but it looks like they may have this off to the shoulder Bay Bridge back up. There's not much left of one. It's just from almost the 80 Eights split, but let's just call it the East parking lot and then in San Francisco, they're dealing with the stall North. Wanna one up by Vermont Street, and that's why traffic is backed up. Beyonc their child. As that stall has been in the slow lane, shall not. A body is open to serve the Bay Area with contact free auto body repair options and along with free pickup and delivery. Shall not a body now offers virtual estimates and curbside contact. Free service from the comfort of your vehicles. So book an appointment today Children auto body dot com. Next update 9 18 on the traffic leader, KCBS. It's cooler weather for the next few days. Sixties too low seventies, The warmest spots in the Bay Area will only hit 72 or 73, this morning's coastal overcast pretty stubborn and above that there's also submit.

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