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The way it was his religion and so he's always talking to about sales. Today should learn how to sell it. All going. Shop display called death salesman by arthur miller. That is about a salesman. And that's really all i knew about sales display the logo. It looks cynically at the world sales but the truth is suddenly came to realize through him and then myself that when i walk into a room for nisshin is just a sales job i am. I am the product. What i do on or what i do on stage is going to be quite usually quite different from what i'm going to be doing in this moment this moment. I'm feeling the room. Sometimes it goes wacky and fun and sometimes it's you can't deep puzzle it. You're wondering you know you don't get the tone whatever it's all sales and then you late to it in a moment so i i really am got him salesman and actually not bad because they've done a lot of stuff this is just like i'm the meat books that were selling today so how i want to talk about how. How is your first audition and to. How long are dishes usually does it. Completely vary from project to project. Or how does that work My first edition does a good one. Excellent i'm excited for it. I was at school. Colin was hamlet. Claudius in hamlet in our third year at drama centre and drama. Sandhu was a scary place where it was like. You could do a drama about you. Know the the two guys that ran it were wonderfully talented guys dancer and one guy was a director and they were super and super imposing. Actually there's even a book about it by growing esther freud who was for its grants daughter well and she wrote about her time at drama centre. She became famous writer. actually she became. She wrote a thing about charles because it was one of those classic drama schools where they tell you down and break it up. So it's so. What i'm saying is that colin was hamlet. Claudius in the third year and we weren't allowed to addition you wanted to break out of the religion of the sacredness of dramas around the world man. Better this thing. And i went. Oh i heard about. I think called starlight express us andrew. Lloyd webber was writing a musical about trains and at the time. There were no rollerblades. There was going to be on roller skates. So i heard about this. And i've always wanted to be to fulfill this singing thing that i have people. Don't even know a sing anymore. New makes you mad. 'cause i i've sung all my life and i i was going to be an opera singer and anyway so i i. Would you know what. I'm going to learn how to roller skate. Man so the in england at the time in camden town there was a roller disco club. It's okay went there every day for like a month and learned how to roller skate than i bought skates and skating around london in. I'm afraid of dogs. Now because dogs used to run after me and by my ankles weird especially german shepherds but anyway i got good and my first edition ever ever was for interlude weber and a guy named trevor nunn who ran the royal shakespeare company. And i remember i san couple of songs and then also said wait..

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