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And there's also quantum computing that's another discussion that's going on here at ibm think there's talk about quantum computing emerging from labs and going into practical use quantum computers are interesting things they make use of cubits cubits are quantum bits a bit obviously for those who've been listening you know all about this bits are the basic units of information they can either be a zero or a one and that is you can think of as a no or a yes or an off an an on and using bits and chaining bits together you can represent all sorts of different types of information ultimately computers are processing information and bits a cubit a quantum bit can be in superposition which means it can inhabit all possible states which means it can be both a zero and a one and everything ten weekly in between simultaneously now that does not necessarily mean anything for every single type of application but for certain types of computational work that would make it much easier to process information rapidly specifically and he's anything that was using parallel processing cubits would be pretty good for that not all computational problems would benefit from quantum computing but the ones that would the processing would take a fraction of the amount of time i mean a fraction of a fraction of the amount of time that classical computer would take one of the big things that that cubans could do is make decryption really easy which is kind of terrifying because encryption is how we keep a lot of data safe basically the way your your your base level encryption works.

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