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Let's continue on this father's day night a bother we all the damage throughout the nation I wish you and yours a happy father's day and I'll always honor your father and your mother I think it's number for the hit parade of the ten commandments on your father and your mother I say black lives matter I say all lives matter but I also say black lives matter black lives matter let's continue now with James Harrison of newsmax dot com alive of course in the Los Angeles and James arson welcome again to the bill Cunningham show your group to the idea that black lives matter are you know our our it's fine with me Univar black lives matter yes the B. L. M. organization would believe that but apparently you know they don't because they support Planned Parenthood it takes more black lives for them any police department amber colored are be paid no attention to black on black crime which you exceeds our deaths how do law enforcement fire an exponential number especially in the cities run by Democrats like Chicago and but what can you hear me through all these masks I'm wearing you sound perfect it may sound like you're playing keyboards for the temptations are you sound well you know it's just because I've lived in the hotel California check out but you can never leave and now we have a mask order any more draconian mask order and we've ever had at this late date you know that our governor Newsom just decided to give a semester usually interesting some kind of a one billion dollar brands could deal with China two hundred million masks a month being delivered to California and according to reports of those masks chose started coming in the same week as he issued this mandatory mask order yeah I don't know if it has to do with any work well I guess hi James arson talk about the issue of black lives matter rallies are very safe you're gonna have almost every American city including little Cincinnati Ohio we've gone through like fourteen or sixteen consecutive days of BLM rallies and the tens of thousands marching around generally pays for two nights of a lot of breaking a windows but the trump rallies are not safe and one of the most ridiculous things that happened on June the fourth is over a thousand public health workers doctors and that's the test and others signed a letter claiming the protest were vital to the national public health into the thread helps spurs us specifically of black people and therefore they said it was okay to March around without a mask they have all that to the spittle being aerosol that's okay so they decided that some sorts of protests are acceptable however if you want to go to a Tulsa or you want to March around open a business that's that's unsuccessful how can they get away punishing ideology but I mean if you're left wing bars won't attack you if you're a business owner it will and these are people who claim to use science was to be objective following the obviously they prove that they're political hacks and that what they did is beyond hypocritical but I was really glad to see the New York Post have bad headlines chick hypocrisy NGO who says the grout one set of crowds crowds would happen to be peacefully protest turned into what happened in California in Hollywood and the other our crowd was a crowd of people who work and we're going to be at a trump rally and everyone that was there also the issue of people who protested the Democrat lockdowns in it you know it it shows incredible hypocrisy it also shows a the corruption within the press now how dishonest the pressures in the hardly anyone is reporting others been enough times since those protests started good point CS yes in order to spike's member packet was an article in New York magazines are saying that the current there are those spikes yet from the protest rallies hi but yeah I think there's all kinds of articles claiming that the red states that are pre open constantly by constantly parks I think logs in the data is the fact that nationally across these United States hospitalizations have been declining for three months it's a huge story it comported quick hold B. R. stomping out of blues soul coldest second away hospitalizations according here in California the death rate J. as the push press reported staple but hospitalizations it went up a little bit mostly in areas where there are nursing homes and prisons but since when okay Susan spiking right what cases anyone to test positive even people that have those programs even people who don't require any medical treatment and testing is way up so worst case is going to go on J. James I'm looking at the stats out of California tonight there's a hundred a hundred and forty per one million which comes down to a hundred thousand it's fourteen fourteen deaths per one hundred thousand fourteen per one hundred thousand in California forty percent are in nursing homes which doesn't mean that all matter they do matter but in the general population the state of California the deaths are approximately seven per one hundred thousand seven per one hundred thousand and to me I will say is negligible if you're one of the ones that are dead is not negligible it's important my mother was in a nursing home I understand what that is that's where the problems are but in the general population in California and the regular year about five thousand died the seasonal flu according to the CDC ten year average California five thousand so far with covert nineteen with all the publicity five thousand five hundred it's it's a little bit worse than the regular flu but by and for that houses a warship in Los Angeles have elaborate guidelines including limiting the total number of people clergy parishioners who can attend a service twenty five percent building capacity whatever might be but in your home city of Los Angeles how many people marched the streets almost every day the last month and how many homeless are out there shall we say not social distancing at all and not in the I Eric Garcetti has no problem with that what is a problem is somebody going to charger opening a business there's the apocrypha unbelievable hypocrisy Eric Garcetti who said it's okay to go to the beach as long as you only use the wet sand no no no no what Sam yeah just the word Dan which makes the fear you either have to be Superman or some incredible jumper over the direction but it's yeah yeah the apartment she is staggering and people are in no mood for this mask order in Los Angeles outside of Los Angeles the counties are rebelling there are there are conducting their own resistance against Gavin Newsom of Sacramento county riverside county Orange County the sheriff's that we're not going to force the issue and part of the reason is people are doing it voluntarily you know most big stores they have a policy older employees are wearing the mask and so people do it as a courtesy we don't need draconian laws and we certainly don't need to turn people into criminals who forgot their mask indeed you know this idea that if you step outside your home you have to wear a mask it's ludicrous in it this one size fits all for the largest most populous state in the union thirty five million people under the exact same masks standard is just stupidity but you know it's leading us down a ticket it's so clear that the mainstream media media and the Democrat.

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