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We're using it says the first line treatment say in pregnant women in atlantic medication i'm accents perfect right now nursing yeah uh have used in the setting of recovering addiction yes as it were very well i bet and it helps reduce cravings and death jeff had success using it quite pain patients do you you focusing on different areas with these different syndromes sometimes yasser sometimes with pain we focus on actually on motors trip instead of mood areas you would think sensory strip worried i would actually think insular cortex 'cause i know that's one that's firing strangely with with certain kinds paint syndromes that too we can't it's hard to reach the insular cortex because even integrate so we reach at area that's connected to it upstream from it answer it a dorsal or tax affect okay yeah and and his elder emulates that we stimulate this there's this really easy spot to find an left frontal lobe and everything downstream is also stimulated so we're stimulating a network ranches stimulating a place where stimulating home mood network can at all the downstream areas so we can we can stimulate the insular cortex indirectly by who'd he was running around way who'd you of either of these just about this ever wanted to do this barca's with your for a while because i even during this roy we've talked about it over the years them and i and i've still sort of been always blue bit confused that it is not more mainstream favorites weird to me that it's not it's weird to me too it's weird me too because it's it's it's a great new tools fantastic edit it i think it has more and their prism potency then medication it's a step below ect right that's his elder which is electric shock their electric shock alderwood electrons would be real largescale yet because you're using directly electricity on the skull and you do that you have to be under anesthesia.

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