Text Messages, Insurance Policy, Hillary discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


The trump inauguration so i think when you look at this text message in one of the reasons why we need to get the missing text messages you see peter struck bias and that's a parent not just that he doesn't like trump but that we can't let trump get elected or we need an insurance policy but then the whole scenario you outline the axe the questionable actions in both cases dovetail with struck bias i mean i think that's the problem you know the by s of itself it's troubling and you shouldn't have someone there with those views and those highprofile cases but it is it affecting your action and i don't see how you can look at struck and say that that he was not influence on that he wanted to break hillary's case to a conclusion he wanted to water down colmey statement uh from uh stream too extreme carelessness from gross negligence but he has always wanted to go after donald trump and that's what you see on some of that stuff so i think well we we on sabam then i was able to break this last night on hannity the in fact that the department of justice government officials now have confirmed that they are recovering the five missing months of text messages and so i gotta believe this probably going to be more smoking gun says they continue that process of a being able to get that information um but the fact is we have that then now that brings us to robert muller robert muller was appointed we've now had a year investigation and he was appointed because james call me wanted it because he leaked information that may be illegal to his columbia professor now attorney how convenient i guess they have attorneyclient privilege and then robert muller is bff has appointed we have no evidence of trump russia collusion and then you set poor general flynn unprona perjury trap because they surveilled didn't minimize unmasks and released ron deligence and set him up for perjury trap even if he missed remembered and and now.

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