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Interrupt this program to bring you a news bulletin somehow in house. There's no crystals up here and it's crazy. You know just the the lifestyle and stuff no all right well. How does it take to get from there. Arctic power to get there from where from from Sorrento to downtown Jay Windsor Lines Time you've been on I four. They've got that whole new exit there. Have you seen that whole new exit ramp and stuff over there at the Sanford Lake Mary area. You're talking you go over. That bridge relegates in it. Are you going that no no no no windows Bento. It took me like an hour and forty old exit got off air. I get off your legs. I went down natal zero. I don't like game. It took forever to get out but I live in Clermont tried to drive four four four four eight zero zero and this is my name is a Vegan fish you follow us on our social network pages and the way you do that as A. Prophet Aradio P. R. O. P. H. E. T. RADIO DOT COM and click on the follow section and that'll get you to all the instagram the youtube channel final which under the tent is being broadcast and that's if you don't know what the ten is that's our live video feed not live but it's our live record video here in the studio and it's got a bunch of camera angles here so you get different shots of the place and she falls on facebook and do all the good stuff so we can stay connected and I can stay stay connected to you so we're things that are coming out. You heard about the whole Popeye thing. The whole Popeye's running out of chicken and running out of the chicken can sandwiches now. Here's the thing that they're trying to do now. I think releasing this video is going to actually kill no. I say it's GonNa Kill Popeye's but here's the thing so. Popeye's launched this whole B. Y. O. B. FOR US lame in there that means bring your own booze type of party. They're launching it as a bring. Bring your own son well. Why would I bring my own son to bomb buys. Well here you go. Buy Chicken is sold out. Bring Your Own Bun just three tenders but that's already on the menu the seriously when are you getting so in the video. TRY OUR NEW B. Y. O. B. It's the three tenders you get on a WHO that again. TRY OUR NEW B. Y. O. B. It's the three pretenders that you get to turn into a sandwich just without the mail the Brioche and the pickles otherwise. It's totally the same so they're saying that the three tenders that you get normally on their menu is the same tenders that you get on the Bun. If you're going to bring the Bun in well that's GonNa. That's GONNA kill it because we all had this notion that the chicken was totally different than the chicken. The normally got off the menu and that was the mystique about it. That was the the illusion or the draw to getting these chicken sandwiches so no hey guess what guys we still chicken. We just need you to bring your own abundant okay with that being said. If you run out they they say run out of chicken sandwiches. Why are they offering the actual chicken to to the public and just tell them. Did they run out of. Did they run out of bonds. Did they run out of mayonnaise that they run out of pickles that they run out of the other three things that make the sandwich if they did then tell us. Hey guys guess what here's a better. Here's a better attack. It's more Kito less cars because of the sandwich less whatever whatever salt because there's no pickles less this because there's no mayonnaise must saturated fat or whatever they call it you know and here's the raw chicken sandwich that would be the best part. Here's a raw chicken sandwich but no they said neither same crappy chicken. Tenders had up our menu. Bring your own Bunn will slap but in there for you and we're not going to give you any mushrooms. Oh you want Menes. It's it's on the counter behind you Yup more done service things. Make your own sandwich over there yet and there's a microwave. If you WANNA eat your bread up on the side there that's essentially what they're doing. Oh God I hope I hope Popeye's recovers from this like I said. The chicken is gone. The beat chicken is now in there and I think the B and c chicken. That's that's GONNA be may use to make these sandwiches is exactly what I said that the chicken tenders or whatever whatever crap they have on the menu now. Do you guys have a sweet tooth. Do you guys by the new stuff that comes out as far as like sweet to stuff. I know Oreo cookie was doing like a cookie bar or something. Hershey's was doing some kind of cookie bar to make their their. You always have to reinvent yourself. You always have to do something new to reinvent your product. Remake your thing you know you're exactly the fast food. Menus have to re up and do everything to make to bring in more of a crowd. I I know there's there's a joke. There's a comedian there where you ever been standing in line behind someone at McDonald's and they go can I can. I take your order and the person will literally sit back and go. Let's let's see and you're like on. They've had the same menu for the last twenty years if you don't know it by now pick something well. Here's a here's an old faithful out there an an old favourite twinkies who was bought up by hostess because the twinkie factory was going under the company that was making the twinkies has come up with a new product new product line line using the twinkies now. I'm all about peanut butter. I'm all about Jelly. I'm all about a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich now on my what I call quote unquote my rough days days. I like to have a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich with in this. I've talked about this past couple podcast ago with not it's gotta be. DORITOS NACHO flavored yeah. I've tried every other chip in the world. I have not found anything to replace the flavor of nacho cheese doritos smashed in between two pieces of bread with peanut butter and Jelly on it and it can be crunchy peanut butter. I prefer the crunchy or the smooth. It doesn't matter Jelly. It's got to be jammed. Oh screw that jelly stuff. I like smear my shit. I don't like sitting there rolling around like a free what booger that's what Julius to me. It's like you really can't smear it around. TWINKIES has come up with a A. Are you ready for this. It is a peanut butter and pickle sandwich type. A twinkie YEP. If we were to believe the hostess twitter account this might end up on the shelves near US soon starting. Let's see September ninth. Don't miss it so it's out there somewhere. If you guys have seen gene peanut butter and pickle sandwiches from twinkies let me know take a picture of it now. They had had something that they just dropped. They had you know they take they. They they take it with one hand and get and get away with the other order they give with one hand and take it away with the other they actually remove the Moon Berry twinkies which I saw those on the shelf. I thought they're Kinda. Cool it's the mixture looks kind of weird. I'm sure it makes your shit. Look Weird to the twinkie itself. It's a it's a pound cake. That's what the twinkie has and it had a light blueberry flavor to it but it was like a deep purple with the cream in the center so sure if eight those shit yourself you probably think you've ruined deliver deliver so but twinkies is coming out with a peanut butter and pickle sandwich and it's twinkie. It's all shoved inside of a pound cake. A twinkie thing so that should be good should be good anything else. I miss before I let you go right on behalf of all you guys out there listening to me for the last hour so I wish you all well. I wish all the people in the Bahamas. 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