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Close up. The touring company of Hello. Dolly now in Denver is flat out fantastic. Actress Kristin Hahn plays many Fay, this show is he'll opulent and locks and beautiful to look at our incredible designer Santillo questo has designed just a confection and a dream of a shout. A look at between the costumes and the set, and then there's the incredible cast and great story what you're going to take away from it is just a real sense of of gratitude for being alive and celebrating the good things in your life. And so to be a part of that every night, there's nothing better. Actress Jessica Sheridan plays Ernest. Tina and came straight from the Broadway run of the show. It was a dream job. When I got it actually on Broadway. I thought it was the best job I've ever gotten. So why should you buy a ticket? It's an old fashioned musical that rings true today. But it's still brings you all that the costumes and the sets. And the music and the singing is all exactly what you expect from a Broadway musical Kristin. Hahn says the message behind the music is really the reason you remember. Hello. Dolly this show is about finding love at all stages of your life, young and old. Hello. Dolly gives us all hope. Cathy Walker KOA NewsRadio close up. Nine.

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