Mr. Trump, Senator, Senator Graham discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Bringing back forty six thousand workers, so they can process tax refunds the employees will be working without pay. While the agency remains without funding. The IRS plans to go out refunds throughout the shutdown but won't perform other functions. Like audits Republican Senator close to President Trump thinks he has a way out of the nearly month-long government shutdown Republican Senator and presidential friend Lindsey Graham says it's time to stop thinking. There's a magical end the shutdown. Nobody's gonna talk seriously each other's launched the government shutdown. I think, but if you had a small opportunity a couple of weeks, that's the best chance for a breakthrough Senator Graham saying if congress and the president don't reach an agreement, then Mr. Trump should try an emergency declaration to build his wall. Andy Field ABC news, Washington. Our next update at three o'clock, David KO, KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. On the mentoring freeways. You've got nothing slowing at this time. Missiles crashes. Holbrook's causing problems speeds, I seventy cross town average speeds on twenty five through the tech center. And you've got nothing slowing you down on C four seventy four seventy at this time sixty Lakewood, you there's no delays no roadwork causing any problems on thirty six between here and older boulevard onto the airports in pretty decent shape. The CBS four weather you can expect it to be partly sunny today. High is going to be about fifty tonight's low around twenty eight and then tomorrow, expect a high of fifty five with sunshine tomorrow night's low.

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