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Hope so because again the kind of property destruction we saw at university california berkeley is completely unacceptable let's go to eli huntington beach california you're on the michel mad that show disagreement that thank you thank you so mad that yes guy on offense i of real quickly on offense cure memory i told you about a month to go i don't remember as any well i say all i'm the one who broke the new a new on the foaming at that there's reasons one i said it was a major that's the case in about that but from condition team proving no whatever call off waiting where we rush uncut i i have no recollection of this it all and i would never say but what what i may have said was that a wasn't treason for you to call that call that to someone's attention what i may have said is that if there is anything like that if there is someone who is cooperating with that the russians behind the scenes to undermine is on government it's trees not sure so got me off well me please this is unfold i spurt for example was st what happened against one go hearing conway came out and said the president as full confidence in front of shot about and an hour later okay and eli i am not going to cut you off but you're going to run out of time what's the point not to run out of time what happened from when she announced that and when the press secretary said you evaluate doing that they have that night he was forced to resign let me tell you what happened okay eli you don't have to chaim because it is called a radio show you see i didn't bring the music up there it comes up whatever medically close your time is up now if if you can put this in some kind of orderly concise form of read it's disagreement today though michael medvedev show.

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