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Bill. Jackson. This is Ernie Brown on us. Now, you're trending topics. Monitoring social media posts among our listeners in DFW. And of course, around the world, these are the trending topics right now, Ernie we start at trinity topic. Number three, are you using the most hacked password? If you're one of the over twenty three million known people they use one two three four five six you've got the most hacked password in the world. Learn something here, but no four other passwords that are easily hacked our once you three four five six seven eight. They really switched it up their password and then one one one one one one and then Corti. Yeah. Cordy. Yeah. I've seen that Q W E R T Y. Yeah. What the hell is that? It's it's the top row on the on the. RT one next thing. That's clever had never figured that out. I've seen I've seen cordy all over the place. I never use that use that either. Now, the most us band name for password. You guessed it. Blink one eighty two strangely enough. I didn't guess that. Now experts say you have a better chance of protecting yourself online. If you use a password with three random, but memorable words here. Here's the thing. Here's what you're in here by what good does it do to have all these password protection things. Whatever company you're doing business with pump push it online. They all get hacked. And they all give Facebook just reveal the other day. They gave out. What was it a million and a half passwords? I like I like the security people who say you should have different password for every different thing you use. Yeah. I say sure go to hell. Yeah. I it's you can have that nobody else on the planet. Well, how how much of a struggle is it to remember all the different combinations of password? That you have all the different accounts. Yeah..

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