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But i became an executive assistant while you really went for the judge listen i worked rural listen fun fact i graduated from a very expensive school paid almost two hundred thousand dollars to go to school they're right i worked at a law firm were literally said that summer i worked at a lot from where went turn ratliff jordan wait ratliff jordan may get air while started ratliff rant please hold wallace generality like so i get it jim is now and no pay podcast fantastic look who's your favorite artist froze asked he says john michel basquiat on an over a pronounced as i do names correctly pretty good annoyed at the last one this is about fred never forget someone else here answered dwayne parentheses the rock johnson okay that's what we're dealing with guys ever have trouble in the bedroom or been turned on during the wrong time again half five three to answer says we want to he said yes there thomforde i get aroused at work and i have to go back to my best to avoid being noticed never you should never answered this question not there was this time it's no like several times a week to go back to my desk and calm down the look if you're just answered i would just be like a plea the fifth answer gap i love it will date that that pace for the meal to real i love you and executive assistant with lots of student debt so much student debt that's what i thought i thought he has got sealion payments for those two grad schools that are killed one hundred percent but you polay you can't be like the most attractive feature in perspective made is that she pays for much of poli you just can't come to the table that cannot art get with him at next is grant he's twenty nine he is an emergency medicine physicians a professional he's five eleven and he has the tattoos.

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