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We'd need folks to mobilize. If people do not mobilize. We're at a disadvantage in terms of changing power. We're not gonna wait for CEO's to figure out that structural will deteriorate the livelihood of most Americans. We need to force them to see. And so I'm all for mobilization in these ways. And you think this is something that you're gonna we're going to see more of in the future. Do you think there's labor movement, particularly people of color is viable, absolutely. You saw with the teachers and let me in red states and right to work states where where you can essentially fire folks without recourse, you see white teachers now they say if when white people catch a cold black folks catch pneumonia, that's sort of the axiom there. And so if they're if white folk are stepping out and saying, hey, I'm not earning wages, guess what? There's a whole lot of folks will be willing to step. Out in demand, their proper, and we'll have to leave it there. Andrea periods of Brookings Institution fellow and author of the forthcoming book. No, your price valuing black lives and property in American cities. Thank you Andre. You're welcome. On the next all of Christy Turlington burns joining after experiencing post pregnancy complications, he co founded every mother counts, a nonprofit focus.

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