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Was I? I pop up foul to the right of the plate. Posey, with his back to the infield, now kind of lunges to his left and makes a one handed catches. The wind started to carry that one away from him. I was doing the right thing to do. She should be planted under it and then had to quickly move himself to the left to catch it. So one down and now Adam Duvall will come up powerful right handed hitter Duval. Who is the Marlins? R B I leader tied for the club leading home runs. Oh, so Bass went one inning. Runs one hit allowed with one strikeout pitch to Duval. Splitter is low for ball one. David looks to me like the Padres went back ahead of the Dodgers. Yeah. Don't tell me that Fernando Totti's did it again Can't be the one. Oh, pitch check swing, and he went around with it. Splitter on off the inside. It's one on one. I'll give you a clue. Totti's did his dance around the bases again, and I saw Trevor Bauer use a really, really bad word of mouth. So that's four homers in two games. Two days for Fernando Totti's 11 pitch. That's a called strike a fastball on the outside, This'll. One was out toward the big part of the yard, two in it and left with plenty of room to spare. So 3 to 2. The Padres lead the Dodgers. Z first half of the sixth inning down there on the Toyota scoreboard. Here's a splitter swung on and missed. He struck him out strikeout number 11. That equals the career record for Kevin Gausman in the Big League game. He had 11 in a game last year against the Oakland Athletics. Do not nobody on another dangerous hitter Jazz. Chisholm, who has gone over three, struck out twice grabbed it out once left handed batter and a splitter is just a little bit low off the outside for ball one. That was August. The 15th. Against the Athletics here in San Francisco. Nobody on 1 to 1. The score and another splitter is low for a ball. Dylan Floro right hand there, warming up in the Miami bullpen. Ready for the last of the eighth, two down bases empty big pitch here to another account, and there is a change up for a called strike in the inside corner. Doing one. Member how last night Fernando Tattoos, Junior hit the two homers on the same date. That his father had two grand slams in the same inning at Dodger Stadium. Now the two on one pitch fastball away, fouled off to the left Well back into the lower deck strike two. The day after he had the two Grand Slams in the same inning. Fernando Totti's senior did home run again. But he only hit the one Fernando Jr. After hitting two last night on the anniversary of his dad's two Grand slam, has hit two more. You want to pitch on a fly ball along the left field line, slicing toward the corner, and that goes found and hits off the netting, keeping it from going into the seats. Two balls. Two strikes to jazz Chisholm Since his leadoff home run last night, Chisholm Has gone over six with three strikeouts, including two strikeouts tonight. Two down. Nobody on this will be pitched number 101 thrown by Gausman. It's on the way. Swinging those slow bouncer up the first base side belt in near the bag to get it. Then he runs it the first and gets there just ahead of the arrival of Chisholm. The inning is over. That's eight. Sensational innings from Kevin Gausman with 11 strikeouts in just two hits alive, but He is not ahead. We go to the last of the eighth innings later do bond and then the pitcher's spot you up. Floro will come in for the Miami bullpen..

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