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It is ridiculous. Imagine if you were just a a love John Jones early on and you tried to keep stay sticking with them. Could you stuck through all of that. Just take the fact that he hasn't been able to fight alone. What are you rooting for at this point and how he has do they can't be no one ever wants to give John sympathy, I guess. But I will. It can't be easy growing up in your twenties as a rich, you You know. know, from nothing to something and not knowing how to navigate the space, but you guys remember what was it where he had stopped the mugger early in the day. Believe like the transformation he's undergone. He's all those people. He's like the kid parties at night. He's also I've seen him in the gym used to train Filner scenarios to see him train, and I would see him with teenagers like playing with them and teaching and spend an extra time to take pictures and all this type of things legit. Nice guy. And then you know, I don't know how is in his nightlife for it is home life, or you know, even giving interviews, he was always super gracious. Nice to me. It never had a problem with what if all those people? I mean, we're all those people. I could be super nice and then also be cursing at somebody in traffic. It doesn't mean that I'm not we're so multidimensional, and I think that John was maybe around the wrong people at certain times, didn't really take responsibility for certain things. I think he has impulse control issues which most twenty year olds do. Right. So who knows? Maybe he maybe he is who he was then and maybe he's different now because he's thirty. Now. Significant in the sense that he was supposed to be like the Michael Jordan of the sport that to the sports. I like Superstock. Yeah. I remember when he was already like at the top Conor McGregor was coming up and I remember taking pictures and stuff. And as you mentioned earlier, like he had the Nike deal like he was very, like, I, you're like, man, this guy can can cross boundaries him in Ronda Rousey. Right? Like there was a selected few that sort weren't many there still aren't, but he's still in that echelon. Funny, we've just kind of put them away. So that's what makes it fun for us. Like I said, when he comes back, I think you're one hundred percent, right? He is all those people, but he needs to be the guy that he started. Now. He has to be that guy. Again, he's got to sustain it. I think for the rest of his career. Because there are many people at twenty something year old that are super mature that can handle lots of things. You've interviewed Kayla Harrison and all that type of seen her career and her legacy and how she was in her earlier years too. So I hate always blaming his age. I just think that I also don't think that he's all bad, and I also don't think that he's all good this before about John which was the stuff you did reckon the Bentley and whatever else you running from the scene of a crime or whatever. It's like I've had friends do that. All that. All that shit. I've had friends do all that and they ended up being pretty great citizens in the end. They just had to get the port out of their system. Some of them were veterans, some fought wars. Some of them ended up being attorneys, and so people don't ever want to knowledge that like, you're right. It can't be this perennial excuse at the same time. What happens to your twenties while you can't ignore it, it doesn't necessarily define your future. Now speaking. Jones Jones has a rival. He goes with Daniel Daniel. Cormie he's going to be fighting down the street in about two weeks. Daddy size taping is never know. Phones on airplane mode. I'm going to turn it on and the fights off. You on this one, I have to say, where do we even start with others? Hold off on the this stuff. All stories, Instagram. Set on fire athletic competition and campfire five. Five rounds takes a beating by the way, wins the most incredible Hillary fashion. 'cause that's Derek Lewis, right? And then lies, I saw Derek Lewis line to me on the air. I'm going to get him. I had him on the show and I'm like, hey, I haven't heard anything about that. Five minutes later breaks..

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