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You're playing in the premier league. Learn how to follow when a foul like that occurs my. My God and they didn't even cover that at look. I had all sorts of frustrations MBC does an amazing job with the coverage, and these are obviously unique circumstances, but I'm not crazy after I gloria soccer, God scores an amazing goal. Worry displays world-class speed, honestly just shambolic from those centrebacks at Manchester City Chris. We were talking about the Chelsea centrebacks entering this match own. Own My. Lord Manchester City I'd had no idea. Was that big of an issue well, so on the first goal it was neither centreback was involved in that passage in play was Benjamin Mendy and okay gun who are stuck back from the corner, but either way what that was I have no idea, and then on numerous occasions for an is getting blown past and that. That second goal is absolutely the fault of Fernandina being on the line and the whole scrambling. Even before we get, there is the fall of that defense, so it's been mentioned cities problem all year, and the thing is, is that with a miracle? It was supposed to be better because he's finally fit, and he's in that back line, but still huge problems defensively at times. Times they fermented. Yeah, and Chelsea F I were not taking it to Manchester City in the way that we've seen previously in an earlier match up between these squads, they finally regained possession in the midfield. I thought they were very good after they scored obviously easy to say after someone gets sent off like that back to my original point because I want this to get. Get loss when my soccer God scores in that fashion show me the replay of the goal. I don't care for Liverpool Fan celebrating. We could have done that later NBC. I'm just saying I know this is a Chelsea. Pa I'm being emotional I. Understand the thought that went into it, but when it's a Christian Pulisic goal. Stick with that, but I'll give NBC some slack. Slack here now, I. The whole time was furious and how much you were mentioning Liverpool because I got the game of its own volition was fun, but for Crayola they weren't playing in the game. Like can we shut up about Liverpool, but the feed their takings being produced by the English broadcaster bt. They have no say in what actually goes on the screen and so. So bt is the one that went to Liverpool fans on zoom. They had their Little Watch party organized, so it's not like they could cut away to politic, because it's the American feed. They had to take whatever they were given. But still even the commentary of all this could be the goal that leads to Liverpool when it's a prolific discord man like it's an antipsychotic. Ear. Entire country erupts on social media. You have the entire attention of the American sports fan. Really there are people that you're just not going to get into the ten I understand that, but you got a whole bunch of New People that are tuning in not just see a match between two clubs. They instantly recognize, but to watch Christian Pulisic and Chris Christian Pulisic absolutely delivered. It's gotTa get to the point where Christians just going to force Frank Lampard and dare him to remove him from the starting. Starting Eleven. He is just make when he is fit. He makes his team so much better years..

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