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What you've said to american soldiers who served in vietnam is so powerful. Would you mind repeating. Well i guess it could be defined as this I would not be here without the men and women who served away from their homes away from their loved ones and for that my family and i are eternally grateful. Triple eight nine. Seven one s. h. g. Triple eight nine seven one. Seven two four three two one. Dr larry elder do not leave town and he and i will be talking until the top of the hour and then stormy daniels apparently has taken a polygraph and wolf blitzer breathlessly reported that she passed it and therefore it's to- it's too. I'm larry elder larry elder all true. All devastating larry elder here again with a message for anyone struggling with pain. Like i struggle with for years and of course i want you to know about relief factor. The one hundred percent. Drug-free supplement that tens of thousands are now taking every day. Obviously i'm taking it every day. Because i like being out of pain but i know you may be skeptical just like i was but then i kept hearing about all the people who are no longer in pain so i decided to give it a try in fact. Listen to genesis story. How skeptical at first but because of the pain. That i was having when i would substitute teach and have to climb stairs. I have lower back hit and even knee pain and after about three weeks i found that i could climb stairs pain-free but it wasn't only pain-free i could.

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