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A beach closing on Cape Cod every day state police a long note Beecher intro had a shark alert yesterday closing the beach several sharks were spotted close to shore and beach goers the Atlantic white shark Conservancy says August is peak activity time for sharks off the Cape on the heels of a corrections officer being attacked on his drive to the Suffolk County jail Boston police run a sweep right through the stretch known as method mild police made arrests last night in W. B. C.'s Chris comma is there this morning Chris good morning good morning dad there may very well have been a sweet but there wasn't a dust pan because there is still the same activity here that there you can expect to find on any given day typically you'll see folks whether their whole much or whether they have a home in just choose not to go there because of their demons lined up right on the corner of mail me a cast and on mass Avenue if this web was made that's fine because there will be about thirty five yards down the street to a local fast food place that parking lot is just absolutely packed with people I personally already which is to drug deals this morning there's people laid out on the street with sheets over themselves sleeping so while there were fifteen arrests made last night the problem is still far from finding a solution there are two Boston police cruisers that I've seen on detail while their overhead light to Ron they're not looking at where the mass of the people are collected and I did also speak to sheriff's office card may drive throughs but they didn't stop they just kept on going live in Boston Chris vomit WBZ Boston Jews radio and new numbers on drug overdose deaths they show more are happening in big cities again they had been concentrated in Appalachia and other rural areas for years but the centers for disease control and prevention say urban overdose deaths were up in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen and recent years are on track for more the same about sixty eight thousand Americans died of overdoses last year the formal Beacon Hill legislative session is done with no action on a hands free driving bill WBZ's Carl Stevens reports speaker Robert DeLeo says he's disappointed house and Senate leaders could not come to an agreement on what should be in a hands free driving bill so even though so many on Beacon Hill think it should be against the law to drive.

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