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Someone go bust because i think he's going to have a. He's gonna struggle in philly because it's philly and then he's going to go to a team be back up in mary not really a fulltime chance to be a full time starter again. I don't know. I'm rooting for john. Hurts i really am i. Wa- him baller. I'm just trying to be open when i say bust because of the team. He's on next justin fields for the bears. I go ball. I was a michigan fan by. I'm in love with justin fields can do now. The bears is no tricky team. Like the jets and like the eagles that you don't know how they're going to be able to really build around their quarterback but doesn't feels isn't good situation he's not gonna probably be forced to start right away the andy dalton give me combat bridge core by am i know he know andy dalton knows what he's about. I'm here to play to this guy's ready. So yes andy. dalton's there. Justin feels my opinion of baller. Because i'd liked what he's done in college he's being. His only losses came in the playoffs. He was dominant quarterback when he's on the field baller for justice fields Next and i want to go with. Mac jones for the patriots. I think he will be a baller in the new england patriots system. I think you will do great. I don't know how. I feel about him being anywhere else i think he where he's at is a great fit. I think he's in the right system with bill belichick and josh daniels. I think when you have match jones. And he's not going to be rushed again. Another bridge core back in front and cam newton most likely. But i do have matt jones as baller trae lance this. I'm on the fence with. But i gotta say i think he's a bust. I understand that. He's got some tools and he did a lot in college. It comes to the lions scrimmage directing the offense a line. I understand all of that. I just don't know how i feel about trae lance as a long-term corbett the competition con scares me. I get carson wentz. Had success from north dakota state transit. Only we only had one year to start quarterback one year. That's it he hasn't started much longer. That's what scares me about. Trae lance but i put right now personally and the bust category. I just don't know how i feel about him. As a long-term answer at the quarterback position that will do for days episode of one and done radio. Thanks for tuning into his show. Be sure to subscribe to the show on youtube and and comment on any visa. You do watch. Subscribe to show on spotify iheartradio pandora wherever you get your Your podcasts always appreciate follow. Show on twitter at one done really again. That's one d. u. n. n. e. radio..

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