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This monday afternoon i'm charlie harger taylor van cise is our editor suspect is in custody after an attempted terror attack underneath the port authority bus terminal in new york city today this is new york police department commissioner james o'neill investigation at the scene advocates railways worry revis motech explosive device attached to his body he intentionally detonated that device suspect was badly hurt three other people suffered minor injuries this morning comes manda factor caught up with abc news security contributor than former fbi special agent steve gomez sweat strikes you in particular about what happened in manhattan this morning low its most significant right now given what we know is whether this was an intentional explosion where he exploded at the time that he that that it occurred or was accidental which would indicate that this was not a sophisticated device nor sophisticated individual trying to commit an attack it is being classified as an act of terror though right absolutely and and it should be given the nature of attack could have occurred in new york and all over the world and and you know the initial indications you have to approach it as a potential terrorist attack but the investigations going to definitely develop other information regarding the person's motivation and how he got the explosive device and uh and his intent when he got there see the manhattan is even more busy during the holidays and then ever i would imagine security was already very tight security his it in new york city is security is always tied and the specially during the holiday in manhattan and the e they just have the attack on.

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