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Yeah there wasn't a whole lot to pick from so I was like looking for slate mechanic or something to get really jazzed about but I don't think everybody is quite ramped. That quite ramped up that much so but I did find something that I think does look very cute and his right on my alley. It's called steam volume one by drew. Ford Dwayne Leslie. Ann Dela Cruz and I'm not super sure when this is coming out so if you look for this week and you don't find it try again next week. I've seen like four different release dates across different websites for it. So maybe it depends on if it's e Book Versus Library vs physical. I have no idea anyway so great. Now took yeah. Yeah it's alright. This book is about young. Arlo who escapes his abusive guardians on Earth and he goes through esteem to a steam power planet through some kind of portal and this planet is called pather. He learns his long lost. Dad Helped a corporation honor steal. Resources from author may be on accident in order to set things right. Arlo joins a resistance force to try to read the plan of this corporation and to protect its its Indigenous beings along the way of course and things about himself The the coverer is very cute and this whole like like fi coming of age story. The is also like protecting indigenous beings on this on this new planet. I don't know it just it. All it's got all these ingredients to it. That make makes early. Sound like something. I'd enjoy And I really like steam punk and this has some kind of steam punk influence. I'm not really clear. It's geared toward young young audiences. I imagined it almost be fun. Ride all around. I was GonNa say this thing definitely just. I would see this on a shelf and I would go. That's for Kate. He's gone. That looking for some lady mechanica which is yeah yeah steam Punky and then I found this and I was like yeah. This sounds good. I looked at the preview for this while we were sitting here and I was just like. Oh yeah this is. This is definitely your thing not to say. That's a bad thing at all but Yeah I I'm glad that you found something that will hit that sweet spot for you for me. I I am excited for outer darkness slash. Chew number two this is John Layman with art by Chan and Rob Roy Because why not this book is the. I love this book I love to. I love Outer Darkness. I know that There is some strangeness when it comes to These books. Some people really don't like them some people really do but I I love them. I'm one of those people and the first issue. This book was wild is kind of felt like a what if series and. I think that that's what this is. I'm I'm really just rolling with Lehman. Noses characters very well and as a fan of both chew and outer darkness. I'm really excited for both of these books to kind of come together as I said It's really funny to see off Chan Drawing Jack Colby and Tony Chu honestly think. It's very hilarious. Because his style is so drastically different Than Rob. Kilroy's almost like cartoon style that he does. That looks like something that would be on nickelodeon in the late nineties early. Two thousands Compared to off channel. Has this very like modern Pastelle? Like it's still cartoonish ways but it feels more modern in style and to see those two styles side by side is very very fun. 'cause rob. You'll roy does a handful of pages in the chapter in the in the issue and But who does the majority of the book and the the mystery that? They're they're solving. That requires Tony Chu. To show up is very goofy and The thing that re- that I really enjoy about this is it's kind of reminding me that. Chew and outer darkness are not books to really be taken too seriously And Lehman is using this book as a reminder to say hey we can do some goofy stuff while telling a really compelling story And here's proof. I'm going to tell you. A really compelling story with the wild elements of choose somehow scattered into the fucking crazy weird sci fi fantasy mixed story that. I have outer darkness so very excited to see what number two does I think. This is a three issue. Mini series So I hope that Lehman has the chops to wrap it all up But Yeah so. If you're if you're a fan let me know. I want to hear what other people have to say about this series and would that. Let's take quick break and when we come back we're going to be talking about one of the biggest greatest.

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