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Of customer satisfaction on the whole. So enormous opportunities for creative thinking in the area fintech Rory. What was the? What was your feeling about the injuries that you saw in that area? I thought they were both actually, though two to three of the month already. Anyone how you choose to define reveluti- is one revenue his fascinating which is essentially it's multi-currency credit card. So this is as you quite rightly sandy, it's a product that's in Nabil's by an app. And so you have essentially a smart card. But according to the app, you use, you can choose which see you pay and therefore you can avoid the kind of heat us currency exchange fees that usually affect you. I would argue it's a niche product. I'm not sure that everybody who goes on holiday once a year is going to need this, but for very certain kind of global, no mad it, it's going to offer significant savings. It also offers some sort of this mandatory that we mentioned blockchain. At this point, it seems to offer some sort of facility for trading bitcoin and crypto currencies as well. Which is interesting because it does seem to offer a bridge between the world. Of the currencies of real spending the spectator. Tori Lee seems to be rather in favor of cryptocurrencies. But as its business columnist, I'm dead against them, say. For coming thing and belief that. Monopoly are of a sort of peel fintech. One is is cooled. Puckett its parent parent company. Name is concentric, but it pocket, which is a sort of banking for the on banked product. I think it's website says open an account for nine thousand nine Pence or something, and that's eights. Remarkable in the well today, how many people are on Bank to how inaccessible financial services can be? I think Tracy is that is that a Farrell's of Asian, I think it is. And I think there is definitely a role for an organization that can ensure that the financial excluded have access to financial services..

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