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He also got into a bickering match with Bono over a line line that they were fighting over to that. But one fucking Bano line do do. What's one from Christmas for Bono's lake at least it's them instead of you? Oh I don't know who or something like that in like just in the Singaporean and wanted to keep it a big fight over that he also has a tendency to piss off the strokes an emmy and even when after Frankie at one point don't give a fucking shit about what the strokes feel like jokes from me on me. Don't fuck this strokes who cares. Strokes is care. I don't care if the strokes care this stroke my Dick. I don't know what their names about. I don't know it's clear. All of these moments of shade probably happened when he was really messed up on coke and booze but the damage was done. It's really hard to repair your image edge after you've burnt that many bridges. Yeah even if we don't care about them they care about themselves to watch and of course many thinks thinks they're joke but nothing could be further from the truth. Their music and visuals come from a place of love and admiration for the craft. And they're not here to take themselves overly Lee Serious Li like other musicians. Yeah and I think that's the thing is that they don't mind taking the pissing themselves. They have fun. That's part of their charm but a lot of people like but like you don't take yourself seriously in there like we do because we know how to play on fucking instrument we know how to make good music. Yeah we can you you know. Take the PISS and have fun and we don't have to wear the world's most serious lyrics and move bassus. They've said many times there is humor in rock and roll so so considering how few bands seem to be enjoying themselves. Because let's think about it. How many bands released seem to be having that much fun playing rock and roll? Perhaps there's just a lack of real rock in this day and age could be it would just be nice in the Sea of bloated old rockstars. Who would rather forget lyrics than take a break or planned but rock bros.? Taken the stage if we could celebrate more bands like the darkness who are truly talented musicians here to have a good time. I'm in bringing us all along for the ride. That would be phenomenal. Yeah here for that. I WanNa ride the roller coaster. Sure I am. I'm here for it I want it. I want more darkness. Give it to me. I want more fun I have so I realized I have been listening to rock absolutely because no fun anymore. Yeah exactly why listen to it. It's also very serious. Seems Cords outling voice unless testicle list Ecoles Let's charts More slump and falsetto and falsetto and on SPANDEX. Yes era guys get get on it and ladies everyone get on it if you feel like maybe there's more to this band than what we covered. You're probably probably right again. This was a hard band of research. Yeah because wasn't there. Didn't Dan have a pretty serious bout of Anorexia. I didn't WanNa tell too hugh much that I didn't have solid info on. You know what I mean like. I've heard about that but I'm not sure what the I'm not sure what the whole story is behind that. Yeah because again and it's just so hard to research yeah. I remember reading an article shortly after permission to land. Actually know is probably a couple of years after permission to land came out. The Dan was talking about how he Got Anorexia Anorexia because of a lot of the pressures. Yeah he was dealing with with their huge fame after I believe in love blew up on you know. He felt like you know He. This was his way of having having control over something a career that was kind of going out of control especially with Justin and his drug and alcohol issues and all that stuff so yeah yeah. Yeah there's definitely way more to the story. It's a little hard to research it is. It's it's a big. It's and maybe I easily easily miss things I know I did So few no more of the story or if you know where to find those articles you can please send them to us. We'll post them on our social media and four shore and something else to keep an eye out for is a documentary. That is years in the making. I'm very excited about this. And I wanted to happen really bad now. I wanted to wait for it but I don't know when it's actually a group of Independent. Filmmakers began following them around as the toured and recorded since twenty. Fifteen the tons of footage from the recording SPEC- secreted in Ireland to personal interviews with each band. Member Justin discusses trying to be a dancer dancer but injuring himself. Frankie talks about how. He's the weird uncle the group so it seems to have been pushed back a year or two. It's slated for release this year. I don't know if it'll come out in my you could even just google goal like the darkness. Documentary is on Indie Gogo. You can read about it. They have a couple of clips up. Yeah thing is close. Yeah they seem pretty the hell bent on it coming out this year so definitely keep your eyes peeled. That's GonNa paint a really good picture that I don't know if I could convey as well. They're funny because they are definitely a band that goofs around and has a lot of fun but you can also tell his incredibly sincere in everything everything they do. Yeah and that's what makes me really enjoyed them to their music is phenomenal. And they are just decent human beings who are having the time of their lives and they. I want you to have the time of your life. Yeah I think that is The big thing about them. That endures is their level of sincerity. Yeah with their music yet. They're fucking goofy is faulk but you can tell that they're being serious about what they're putting out there. As far as music goes there music playing their music is really good. Watch them play. They are legit playing complicated stuff. Yeah so I don't know why why you can't take that seriously but here we are. You can be funny and make good music at the same time. Yeah and maybe we should all learn to lighten up a little bit. Yeah we're we're all tense right now. Darkness does it Devin Townsend. Does it all these people have very great. Andrew W K does it they have great sense of humor and they make really good fucking music so like how fun was yourself. Yes all sit back. have good time yourselves. I agree yes we. We hope you enjoyed yourself all listening to talk about an enjoyable band. Thank you all so much for listening. We appreciate you in love you. If you want to show us more love and appreciation you can go to apple podcasts. And Give us a five star review due for another one so come on yes We very excited. You can also visit our website. WWW DOT ROC caney podcasts dot com comments on the episodes sends seaman or crab anyone of our social media links because we got facebook instagram and twitter. 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