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The fact that he got up in front of everybody, and sort of was like high all of us stark Bannerman, you know, a, well, sir, Selena stir is gonna come help us out like that. He would think that that was a good idea. Does feel like Tyrian is a more. He understands people better than that. It seemed like that was just really weird move for him. Yeah. We just booed off stage, and that, you know, which isn't appropriate reaction. I guess you could argue that if you buy the theory that he's in love with generis and that in the fine finale of season seven when he is that forlorn luck after he sees her sneak off to John's room if you think that he's like all because of that. And that's why he's not in his right mind. Maybe that helps explain it. I think that if they tried to introduce that now though, especially after we've seen one more episode. Yeah. After this like. They would just be too weird. They've done nothing to establish that. So I don't think that's the case. I think that he's he's slipping in his kind of damaged at this point. But still, you know, they're still kind of hope that the Tyrian is this great Kenny. But yeah. Show kind of seems like they can't make up their mind. Whether he's that because characters are kind of constantly berating him throughout this episode out the next one for for fucking up and making mistakes in idiot. So who knows so something I wanted to bring up is that in the books, it's all about I think the quote is bastards and broken things like like broken people and bastards in that and Georgia Martin has always written these great fantastic actors who are all subversions of expectations in some way. Like, the little girl turns into this acid, or or the Duar food turns out to be the savviest mind in the in the seven kingdoms or the bastard turns out to be the most noble of all I'm and something. I keep thinking about is how Jon snow isn't actually a bastard. And it turns out he is just a noble straight white hero. Who is just like every every other carrot, right? And Georgia are Martin and with the books of done. So well is taking those characters and either kill them off because they were dumb asses like Ned stark or. More made them suffer in some horror, horrendous way, the change character entirely like Jamie, Lancaster, who who's one of my favorite characters by far in both the show on the books because of the way he changes as a result of like his arrogance getting him to lose his hand to the point where he loses his hand. And this is of Lucien has fantastic and seeing John snow kind of all the other way where he goes from this bastard outcast to suddenly this this brooding dude turns out to not be Vassar and turns out to be this hero that everyone is pointing at as like the guy who came back to life. The prince who was promised all that stuff is making me think that like if if the show is going to go in a way that like is within the spirit of the books. They'll just kill it in the next episode. I feel like if the show is going to go the way that the show has been going over the past two seasons where it's more about fan service and giving the people what they want to see what they want to cheer for rather than what Georgia Dome the spirit of the world. And. Which shorter Martin is actually created. Then we'll see him just save the day once again, then like rule roll the realm again two things. Yeah. It's interesting. I think because some of it is a result of the sort of not great job that they've done developing. Jon snow the character despite the events that actually happened Jon snow being events that could lead to a very interesting character development. I mean, the guy has suffered..

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